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Syra, The ‘Most Wanted’ VJ

Following are the caps of the MTV VJ Syra, host of the show Most Wanted. MTV was lost when Mahira left (or was pushed out), until Syra arrived and filled the gaping hole of charm, charisma, personality, beauty, style and mega-cuteness. You can sit and watch Syra, mesmerized, for an hour and it feels as if just a moment had passed.

Here I would like to share a personal theory with you. It’s called “The Special Theory Of Beauty & Booty”. It says that there are two types of beautiful girls: (1) cute ‘n pretty and (2) hot ‘n sexy. And never the twain shall meet.

The former is pretty and cute, with a care-free and bubbly personality.

You can have riveting conversations with her, on subjects of fun ‘n fantasy till they announce breakfast, to your collective dismay. She can be an inspiration, a true friend, a valued companion and a great ally.

Sex with her can be great, but never spectacular. Her inhibitions and hangups (“Did you wash that thing ?…”, “You wanna put it where ?…”, “Eww!, I am all sweaty and icky”), tend to get in the way.

This girl is not just born a pretty face. She is the culmination of a well-rounded education, a grounded disposition and a privileged background that provided her with sufficient distance and shelter from the hard knocks of life that sow the seeds of cynicism and bitterness among the rest.

The latter is a sex bomb. She reeks of it.

From the way she caresses her tresses, to how she locks eyes and plays chicken with you, to win. When she walks, she swings her hips as if doing the tango with the wind. There is no need for witty repartee, or tete-a-tete in a corner.

This girl needs to be kneaded –like a pizza dough, covered in your special sauce(s), allowed to bake in the heat of passion. Then put on the counter top and split apart with your tool after which you devour her. From top to bottom, front to back, crust and all until your appendages, face and mouth is covered, with her. In her.

This girl is like Chinese food. After an hour you start feeling hungry and want more. Dirty, sweaty, icky is just the way she likes it and when she is done for the night, you pal… are done for the week.

I am not sure where to put Syra, just yet. She is so pretty, so sweet that you want to put her in front of you, look into her big brown eyes and just listen to her talk. It’s like warbling of the sweetest nightingale. You wish you could go to sleep looking at this vision with the sweet music in your ears.

But then she is so sexy with a hot body that you want to make a Happy Meal of her. She may be the first one that defies the special laws of cute vs. sexy. As a fan, I am more than satisfied to just sit back and watch her do her thang on TV. I am pretty sure whoever is the lucky guy who ultimately gets to win her heart and hand, will be in for one hellavu ride, for the rest of his life.

I have one word for her: a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e.

One just hopes that this amazing beauty, this stylish cutie and chic hottie, continues to appear on-screen, for as long as she can (and wants to), so she may light-up our hearths and hearts. Syra is special. Not the kind that sits on the small bus, but one who shines atop the Christmas Tree.

For the complete set, click here.

Here is the accompanying video, so you can get an idea of what I have been yammering about:

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This teen appeared on the fitness segment of The Morning Show on TV1 channel, on the third of March, 2007. She appeared a handful of times and then disappeared.

If you ever imagined a desi with her feet tucked behind her ears, you are in luck. What manner of exercise were these guys promoting here anyway ?. I don’t know and frankly, I don’t care. I just wish they would give her, her own 1 hour show. I could watch this the whole damn day.

The thing that stands out in my mind about her, aside from her obvious physical charms, was her intense focus. She really seemed to be into this stretching & yoga stuff. If you observe closely, some of it comes out even in these pictures. She’s either real driven. Or real mad.

She is quite apparently at the apex of her girly goodness. Observe how everything is toned, supple and firm. She probably doesn’t even need a bra for those perky mouthfuls.

But the real show stopper is her lower body. I don’t have to tell you people. It don’t look this good, unless you are pushing your body throughout the week.

And she shows you how she keep her body looking this good, by going through manuvers that would throw your back out the window, or paralyze you for life.

I have another set of her, doing similar things in a different outfit. As Justice Potter Stewart put it, ‘You can tell quality, when you see it’, or something like dat.

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Mathira The Hot Yogi On The Vibe Channel

I came across her program purely by accident. There she was, twisting herself into a pretzel and what a fine pretzel she made.

Her name is Mathira and she hosts a Yoga program on the Vibe Music channel.

She has big round tits and long lean limbs. Add to that gorgeous raven hair and big brown eyes with beautifully painted heart-shaped lips.

Yoga, it (obviously) does the body good.

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There was a little earthquake with which Rabi Pirzada entered the Pakistani pop/rock scene. She is young, she is cute and she is seXy. She is Pakistan’s answer to Avril Lavigne or Christina Aquilara. She may not be as ‘angsty’ as the former, or as vocally gifted as the latter, but boy she sure is as sexy as either one of them. Here are a couple of frames of her, when she appeared on an Eid Show this past Eid (Dec 2007) on ARY channel.

The way she is handling that mic, do you suppose that’s how she handles all things ?. Hmm.

Fairly pretty face, with firm round tits, flat tummy, rounded hips and shapely legs.

Add to that a butt that you could bounce a 5 rupee coin off of. Now that… you don’t see every day.

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Huma From Jeetou Tou JanaiN

She is probably one of the hottest contestants to appear on the JeeTo Tou JanaiN show hosted by the funny man, Ali Salman. She is probably the closest we’ll ever get to a wet t-shirt contest on a Pak TV channel. Aside from having a curvalicious bod, she was fun and had an upbeat personality. Undoubtedly, a winning combination. Here she is, enjoy.

It’s too bad that she was partnered with a sore loser who tried to forfeit the contest and go home, when things didn’t seem to be going his way. Huma, however was tops and fought bravely till the end. What a gal!

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