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Tehreem Zuberi is a sweetheart. She is currently appearing as the host of the PTV morning show “Rise & Shine”, along with hosting a cooking show “Master Chef” on ARY and as a sidekick to Apa Zubaida on one of her many cooking shows on air today. When someone is spending that much face time on air, you eventually get a feel for that person.

If one was expecting the diva from the bhangra video, or the star of many drama serials and lollywood movies to turn up, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Tehreem is not an airhead or a diva, given to flights of fancy and temper tantrums, besotted with affected accents and airs like the Meeras and the Nirmas. She comes across as someone quite normal and grounded. A working girl with a progressive outlook, yet one who is keenly mindful of traditional values with the guts to uphold them against the popular tide. That’s called character, a trait which is fast losing appeal among the masses.

One of the banes of morning shows today are the waves of palmists, numerologists, astrologers, etc inflicting themselves upon a weary nation. With the prevailing insecurity and resulting helplessness paralyzing the public, these shysters are making out like bandits. When one tried to make too much of his own abilities, Tehreem was quick to put it into context, albeit in a tactful manner. The numerologist was left grinding his teeth on the set.

In our part of the world, a beautiful female is either put on a pedestal or thrown into the gutter. Both domiciles of comparable contempt and servitude to a male, who is largely ignorant and thus deathly afraid of her sexuality. Women like Tehreem are increasingly a dilemma for the neandrathal, who has yet to make room for the beautiful (desirable), talented (threatening) and wise (worthy of respect) woman around him.

Here, we can escape these quandaries and merely contemplate the beautiful and sexy Tehreem. These caps are from her Lollywood feature Pyar Hee Pyar Main. The song is, Tum Meray Ho.

She is a tall, fair Aphrodite with long silken tresses and beguiling curves. Add charm, charisma and a real personality and you have a winning combination. Clearly, there is no dearth of beauty and talent in our fair land. Only proper forums and springboards to unleash them upon the world.

Here’s the accompanying video.

Notice she is wearing clunky black basketball shoes underneath her saris in part of the dance sequence. She is clomping around the countryside, like the Frankenstein monster. What was the director thinking ?. Anyway, maybe you didn’t even notice.

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The first time I saw Tehreem Zuberi on screen, about five years ago, I was left awe struck. She appeared in a punjabi bhangra video and played your typical hard-to-get bitch, who the singer serenaded on Sea-View drive. She was wearing black leather pants. Now, there are only a handful of butts on this planet that actually look good in leather. Hers is one of them.

She’s got legs that go on forever and a cute little butt on top. With a turn of her head, she swished her hair back and forth. With a shake of her hips, she swung her butt from side-to-side. It’s no wonder I could never pick-up the lyrics of that damn song.

These vidcaps are from the Wednesday 5th March, 2008 Morning Show with Marina Khan on ARY Digital. Tehreem, along with Aijaz Aslam and Mashood Alvi, was on the show promoting the new ARY serial Sherdil, directed by Amjad Islam Amjad.

It’s Top Gun, Pakistan-style, with Tehreem playing one of the ace pilots. That’s enough to get me interested in this thang. Do I really need to tell anybody that Tehreem looks absolutely delish in an F-16 helmet and jumpsuit ?. I think not.

Now both guys next to her are tall (6’+) and as you can see, she is holding her own with them. Her tits are what you would call ‘a mouthful’ and that’s O-K. She’s got more things on her plate, then her tits.

As far as I am concerned, we’ve got two regal princesses of screen and Tehreem is one. The other, is Mahwish who I’ll post vidcaps of later on.

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