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Shaista Wahidi is a good example of a strong personality and a hot body, winning out over a freaky feature. She is a smart, fit bandi who carries herself with style and poise. It’s her charisma and personality which minimizes the Tony Robbins’ jawline. You are naturally drawn to the immense proportions, but as soon as she looks at you with her big brown eyes beaming with mischief, her ready smile and easy nature —fruits of real femininity, you forget that she has a bigger jaw than most men.

The thing that separates Shaista from the rest of the morning talking heads, is that she has something inside hers. She is obviously a smart cookie, but she has a good work ethic and comes prepared for her morning interviews. She asks pertinent questions, does follow-ups and is unrelenting until such time that she has gotten you to say more than you were prepared to offer. Above all, she does not let ‘favorites’ slide, or offer them a walk-over. Everybody gets the same drill. That’s quite a unique trait among desis, not to say of journalists in particular.

Sometimes, as it happens, she get a lousy grouch for a guest. You can see she’s struggling, can’t get into it, but she tries her best to save the show. It’s akin to drilling oil out of a tooth. Her shows are deliberately structured to be substantive and deal with real bread-n-butter issues. Unlike the fluff and glamor that’s the hallmark of morning shows on other channels.

Coming back to Shaista Wahidi, she is of course a MILF. These days Shaista is not known for her large tits on air, but here, they appear quite generous on her petite 5’4″ frame. These caps were taken July 9th, 2007 when she was probably nursing her kid. It’s a guess, because unlike today, her tits look engorged and full. The bra outline in one of the caps, clearly indicates that she’s not wearing a padded bra. The fitted kurta is only celebrating the lush natural contours of her shapely round tits.

Shaista has not worn deep plunging necklines, or blatantly see-through lawns on her show. But the way she sits there, with her shoulders back, chest out, neck straight spells confidence in herself and that… is sexy. According to an interview in DAWN, she is only using 20% of her energy (out of the bedroom). If that is any clue, her husband is a lucky guy. Being a doctor, she of course knows all the erogenous zones and if needed could stimulate your prostate gland for earth-shattering, head-exploding, mind-numbing orgasms. All part of the package.

You come back now, ya hear.

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The following caps are of Ghazal, who does a daily morning show on HumTV. She did a couple of dramas, before being sent to the purgatory of hosting talk-shows. I think she hates her job and you often go away with a feeling that she’d rather be chewing glass in a circus, then be doing this. Or maybe, she needs to get a good regular shagging. That grab-the-hair pounding variety that ends up in multiple O’s. It can work wonders for your skin and soul –both.

She is next-door neighbor to Ayesha Khan, the japanese anime-looking new actress to grace the Pakistani drama serial scene. They live in the same apartment building. Both hot bachelorettes in the big city.

Ghazal is young, slim and fairly pretty. She has tiny bite-size tits and to enhance their size, she wears slim-fitting clothes. On this particular day, she’s wearing a pinstripe capri pant-shalwar, which looks rather fetching on her long and graceful legs. The caps provide a rare glimpse of her taut inner and upper thighs, which normally lay hidden and unappreciated under the all-enveloping tent of a kurta. Such are the benefits of modern cuts and designs.

Her avacado shirt, her red piano-key dupatta, combined with the abstract art breast-plate and pinstripe shalwar reminds me of a Felini movie. The only thing missing is a midget with a top hat and I think we can provide that –if only Ms. Ghazal were to eschew one essential item of clothing.

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The following vidcaps are of the host of the Sindhi morning show called Good Morning Pakistan, on the KTN channel. Her name is Sonia Ali and she is the co-host of the show, along with Alee (No wonder even the name reeks of self-important vapidness).

The most important contribution of private Sindhi channels, IMO, is to introduce the beauty of the Sindhi woman to the mainstream. Before the arrival of private channels, when somebody mentioned a Sindhi speaking girl, the only point of reference available to an urban Pakistani were the dark, skinny, rugged women of the Thar desert, from some documentary on PTV. Now you are getting a well-rounded picture of the blossoming flower of feminine loveliness, grace and smoldering sensuality springing to life in front of you.

Sonia’s salsa-inspired kurta can barely hide the large, firm, round tits, the slim waist giving way to rounded hips and shapely legs. She looks radiant and healthy, glowing from the inside. Not the anorexic coat-hangers which have a cloud of death hanging over them. Her avocado pant-shalwar complements her fair skin tone and provides evidence that her loveliness continues down to her toes. Whatever goes on in the middle, is up for interpretation by the tantric yogis. The surgeon general advocates 5 servings of fresh fruits and veggies a day. I can see the wisdom behind it now.

Sonia Ali is not all flawless skin, elegant bone-structure and a great smile. She is also well-mannered, educated and knows how to carry herself. She is demure, she blushes and she gets all excited. What she does not do, is blabber like an idiot, or speak over her guests. The girl has class, which is more than you can say about her co-host, who’s a jackass of international repute.

Ali Salman, the host/actor/DJ/etc was on this show and he totally ignored the jackass and solely devoted his attention towards Sonia, which was a pleasant surprise for her too, since the jackass rarely lets her talk and hogs the airtime with his absolutely insane and inane blather.

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Her name is Sana Tariq and she is the new nightly news anchor on GEO TV. She is so darn sexy, that half the time you don’t care what the heck she’s reporting. It doesn’t matter if crazy suicide bombers are running around biting people in the ass. As long as Sana is there to report it, all is well with the world.

She has it all. A sexy mane of hair, pretty and expressive face, an adorable voice and amazing tits. Actually, make that spectacular tits which she shows off to her max benefit by wearing tight-fitted kurtas that hug every curve of her body and reveal more than they hide.

Her tits ride high on her chest and are actually quite large for her petite frame. Usually, with a girl so slim you are lucky to have even bite-size tits. You can’t life weights, or rub creams to grow such boobies. These are heavenly gifts.

At first, I thought padding, but then she started nipping out of her dress. On a good day and a cool breeze in the studio, you can plainly see the hard nubbins appear and poke out from underneath her dress. Her nipples are centered right in the middle of her tit, which indicates max firmness and zero sag. A few minutes later, they will disappear into the depths, much like the blue whales. (Note: She was nipping just before these vidcaps were taken. Damnit)

I seldom pay attention to a girl’s hair, unless it’s really scary. So it’s a rare thing, when a girl’s hair will make your blood run faster. The kind of hair that, over the years, has come to be associated with sex appeal. Those wild manes sported by Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren and Gina Lolobrigida through their movie careers.

Let’s psychoanalyze this particular hairstyle. If you look at it carefully, the poofy sweeps around the face resemble the curvaceous hips of a woman. The face, is where you would expect to see the juncture of the thighs. This is how the hair transfers sex appeal to the host.

There is a famous drawing of a naked and hirsute (if you know what I mean) girl laying in a languid pose on the face of a guy. Can you guess if the guy is bearded, or not ?. It’s supposed to be a jibe at Freud (men have sex on their minds), but I think you now have a clear picture of both ends.

It’s one thing to see such a hairdo on a sexy movie star, quite another to see it on your nightly news anchor. But aside from her obvious pornstar appeal, she is educated, articulate and probably one of the smarter anchors on GEO these days. This is one special lady, which we’ll have to keep an eye on. Things are looking up for Sana, while we look on.

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There are some people out there who are really into thin girls. For them, Sehar Asad, the fresh new face on FTV Pakistan would be a pleasant addition. She is young, she is cute, she is thin, but she is definitely not the flat-chested, tomboy variety. There is adequate meat, where it matters.

sehar asad ftv fresh 020 sehar asad ftv fresh 001
sehar asad ftv fresh 002 sehar asad ftv fresh 003

I don’t know, but I would be forver afraid that I might break her in two. I know girls are built like steel underneath their frail outward appearances, but still. She is so delicate.

sehar asad ftv fresh 004 sehar asad ftv fresh 005
sehar asad ftv fresh 006 sehar asad ftv fresh 007

The tits are surprisingly large, on a girl this delicate. If she gains more weight, they are going to turn pretty impressive, I would imagine.

sehar asad ftv fresh 008 sehar asad ftv fresh 009
sehar asad ftv fresh 010 sehar asad ftv fresh 011

The most cutest shot, for me, is the one where she is showing a bit of tummy. Is there anything more sensual ?.

sehar asad ftv fresh 012 sehar asad ftv fresh 013
sehar asad ftv fresh 014 sehar asad ftv fresh 015

There is a certain wildness about her. It’s probably her wild mane that is fluttering in the strong breeze.

sehar asad ftv fresh 016 sehar asad ftv fresh 017
sehar asad ftv fresh 018 sehar asad ftv fresh 019

You know who she reminds me of ?, those tall, super-petite braziian supermodels presenting the latest Spring Swimsuit Collections in the tiniest thong bikinis strutting down Sao Paulo catwalks. She would be a shoe-in and what a pretty picture she’d make.

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Neelma Hasan The Big Blue Bust Out

Here she is, the popular Neelma Hasan in white and tight blue, looking exceptionally hot. You can clearly make out her white bra underneath, which is valiantly guarding the precious merchandise.

The special thing about Neelma Hasan’s tits are not that they are big (OK, they’re huge) but that they are solid and round. What we in the trade call, billowing tits.

They bulge on the sides and they rise up on top. They are the kind you don’t see every day. They are special and that’s why we must respect them.

OK, first we play with them and then respect them, in the morning.

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