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Hina Miraj is the hot new host of the show Brass Tacks on the TV1 News channel. It is all about conspiracy theories and blanket generalizations. Making simple explanations for complex problems plaguing our part of the world. And the last person who should be associated with such inanity is Ms. Miraj.

She should be hosting a fashion show, a gala event or strutting down a catwalk.

But we will take Hina, however she wants to present herself to us, all wrapped-up on a talk-show, because she is the cat’s meow. Those thick curly hair, the large doe-eyes and the puffy crimson lips that get together into a lovely concerned pout, when she talks about America’s imperial designs in our neighbourhood.

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Mathira The Hot Yogi On The Vibe Channel

I came across her program purely by accident. There she was, twisting herself into a pretzel and what a fine pretzel she made.

Her name is Mathira and she hosts a Yoga program on the Vibe Music channel.

She has big round tits and long lean limbs. Add to that gorgeous raven hair and big brown eyes with beautifully painted heart-shaped lips.

Yoga, it (obviously) does the body good.

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