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It’s not easy to look good in a pair of tight jeans. To look spectacular, is as rare as the sighting of a shooting star. If you asked me to name one that fit the bill, off the top of my head, I would have to say Heather Thomas, from the show The Fall Guy.

Never, have a pair of legs and butt (of course), have looked so good, while all covered up in denim. Thousands of butts later, her butt, still sticks out in my mind. It’s a pity no one seems to have captured it on the net. If that show was running today, we would have internet shrines of hers all over the place.

So you can understand, what a big deal it is (to me), when after all this time, it’s Sunita Marshall (and not some starlet from Hollywood), who was able to quicken the pulse of this jaded heart. These vidcaps have been taken from FTV, which was covering the opening of some overpriced, pretentious little hole-in-the-wall brand store.

She appears to be the Pakistani version of the classic pinup girl. She’s tall (5’10”) with legs that go on forever. She’s got the wild curly mane of hair, the extra gloss on those pouty lips. Her shapely tits restrained by a strapless bra (when are Pak models going to get rid of these things) and the toned expanse of tanned tummy with it’s delicious navel, providing a sublime transition from the light of her knotted shirt, to the dark of her jeans underneath.

I confess, I have the tiniest shoe fetish. It is brought on by the sort of uber-sexy knee-high boots that Sunita is wearing here. These particular boots don’t have the dull heels which one wears on snowy sidewalks in Manhattan. Rather, they have the sharp stiletto heels that are more at home on a public stage, or… somebody’s private dungeon.

They would nicely complement a leather bustier and fishnet stockings. Perfectly straight guys start to drool and want to give blowjobs to such shoes, while they are in service. I don’t blame them. It’s a visceral reaction. We all hold Nancy Sinatra to the lyrics of her song, “One day these boots are gonna walk all over you”. Promise ?.

This shoot is making me hungry and I’ve figured out the reason why. Sunita is dressed up to be a giant ice cream sundae. The jeans (chocolate), the tummy (caramel), the shirt (whipped cream) and the dark hair (sprinkles). I know I missed something… yeah, the cherries on top. You can’t see them, but they are there. Trust me. They just dropped into the whipped cream.

There’s an old term used in the Sub-Continent to describe the undulating curves of a desi woman’s torso. They say, “Her back, was like that of an archer’s bow”. Seeing Sunita in profile, you can finely understand the finer nuances which have been celebrated and circumnavigated by generations of appreciative desi men.

Sunita’s family lives in England and she commutes back and forth, for work in Pakistan. By George! we are blessed to have her here in Pakistan. She is working in several soaps, on the catwalk and of course numerous print campaigns. She is a righteous hottie with the cutest personality and a stand-up gal. I hope she continues to liven up the local scenery with her gorgeous self.

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With every show, young Mathira is opening up and getting more comfortable in front of the camera. This is reflected in her mood, manner and the (tinier) outfits. Last week it was a one-piece leotard and this time around she has on a Nike sports bra and skin tight leotards. As time goes by, could we see her in those tiny little black boy-shorts ?. One can only hope.

I have a thing for smoky things. Like hickory-smoked ribs, creme brulle and caramel sundaes. They are sweet, with just a hint of a fiery aftertaste. It’s the peculiar contrast that’s enticing. Like something cute that’s also dangerous, at the same time. To see Mathira’s earthy body enveloped in a sporty outfit strikes a similar chord. You could just eat her with a spoon.

Mathira in the doggy position, with her glorious round butt sticking out like that is a sight to behold. Her butt reminds me of an old song. Anybody remember Sir Mix-a-lot’s ode to big butts “Baby Got Back” ?. It goes something like this:

Oh… My… Gawd!
Becky, look at her butt
Its so… big! . . .
I can’t believe it’s so round
It’s just, out there. . .

I like big butts and I can not lie
You other brothers can’t deny
That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in your face
You get sprung!
Wanna pull up tough
Cuz you notice that butt was stuffed
Deep in the jeans she’s wearing
I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring
Oooh, baby! I wanna get with ya!
And take your picture!
My homeboys tried to warn me
But that butt you got
Make Me So Horney!. . .

This week her tip-of-the-week was how to remove mucous from your sinuses. You have to alternatively breathe through each nostril, while keeping the other closed with your finger. If she keeps this up, she’ll be getting other fluids out of her viewers than just the damn sinuses.

The following are large sized vidcaps of the same show. It’s for those of you who want to get into the nitty gritty of things.

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The following are vidcaps from the showing of Rizwan Beyg (how pretentious can you get when you have to spell your name like that ?) new line on FTV Pakistan, dated 26th December, 2007. In them are starring the titillating duo of Maha and Mehak.

Are these two sisters ?, I don’t know. But if you cover their heads with a brown paper bag, they certainly look like sisters from the neck down. Both are amazonian goddesses with big, round tits.

They remind me of that song from The Commodores:

She’s a brick—-house!
Mighty mighty! just lettin’ it all hang out
She’s a brick—-house!
The lady’s stacked and that’s a fact,
Ain’t holding nothing back.

What happens when you combine two great pair of desi tits together ?. You get Maha Mammay. I have to confess I have never gotten too comfortable with that word “Mammay” for tits.

Maybe because the word is too close to “Mummy” and one can get into awful hot water, not to mention real screwed-up (and since when did that stop any horndog desi ?) if one was not careful. Those Oedipal connotations could be confusing.

The white bra that Mehak is wearing, is supposed to be a blouse that goes with her sari. That ‘blouse’ is hiding less than if she wore a regular bra. Can you imagine if MILFs started wearing these creations for real at desi functions like dholkis and mehndis ?. All those bouncing, sweaty, saNwali cleavages could lead to only one thing: after the aunties put their kids to bed, wild orgies all night.

Think of the possibilities. It could do wonders for our gene pool. Check out the muscular definition on Mehak’s back, while at the same time she’s sporting the most delicious looking tummy that one can feast on for days. You can’t go into a gym, train and get a hot body like her’s. This is just nature’s gift to her fans.

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It is hard to believe that such sheer loveliness has come to reside on Pakistani TV. Mathira (The Yogi) is par excellence. An Aphrodite who can contort her delectable body into impossible positions.

Mathira is not the rake-thin, miserable looking things you see sporting designer duds at malls. She is how nature intended a woman’s body to look like. Soft, supple, curvy, healthy, glowing and strong. In short, the sort of body that makes a man salivate.

With Mathira, there is no mistaking of her being a woman. Big round tits, gorgeous curvy hips, a tight round butt and long lean legs. being a Yogi, you know she can put all that to good use.

The belly is rightly one of the sexiest parts of a woman. While some folks go for the flat-as-a-board type that can be played like a percussion drum, I myself am a fan of the slightly rounded, soft-as-a-bunny tummy. The sort that can be cupped, caressed and sucked upon. Mathira has the most delish looking tummy imaginable and we’re all fortunate enough to bear witness to it.

She is so graceful and poised. Like poetry in motion. I guess it’s all those hours of maintaining Yoga positions. Speaking of Yoga, I have read that Sting (formerly of the band POLICE) practices a sort of meditative Yoga position wherein he can maintain an erection and extend his orgasm for several hours. While Trudy, his wife, has that silly grin pasted on her face, the poor SOB has lost all his damn hair.

Women have such beautiful bodies. Nature has been good to them, if only they would take care of themselves, like Mathira here. No wonder there is no danger in the foreseeable future of the extinction of mankind. Men can’t keep their hands to themselves.

“Spank me! spank me!…” that’s all I can hear.

Such an elegant and well-proportionate beauty.

Now I know why Agamemnon sailed with 1000 ships to bring Helen back from Troy. She must’ve had thighs like these, man.

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