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Here is the video of the gorgeous Natasha Hussain in the form fitting black strapless dress. She is being used as a braille tablet by the little imp promoter, who appears a tad bit smashed.

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Have you ever seen a white gulab jaman ?. Have you ever eaten a fresh, hot gulab jaman. The kind that melts in your mouth, making you all warm and tingly on it’s way down. If you haven’t, here is one that will do the same trick.

She, is the gulab jaman…er, model for singer Zulf Ali’s song Must Jawani on the Sindhi Kashish channel.

The video is shot under the rain and combined with the barely there dress of the model, she might as well have not bothered to wear any. In fact, the wet see-through dress makes it 100 times more salacious than had she been dancing nekkid. You can’t help but bear witness to the black bra and matching panties underneath the cherry and lime dress.

Under the unrelenting rain, the glistening flesh under the high slit kurti is tempting and taunting at the same time. You had better have had your lunch or dinner before seeing her in action, because you might be tempted to bite her through the screen of your TV.

The theme of the song and the choreography make no bones about what they’re selling. Pure, unadulterated lust. Sindhi is not a requirement to enjoy this song. Just a ticking ticker will do the trick.

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