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Neelma Hasan, Doing Yoga

These beautiful caps are courtesy of bro Jaaf, who is a devoted fan of Neelma Hasan. As always Neelma does not disappoint with her sartorial offerings. Her neckline is about a foot deep, a good six inches lower than the median sample of the desi population.

I love the way she has draped her dupatta. As if she was an ace pilot from World War II. They use to wear their mufflers/scarves this way, looped around their necks and then flung to one side, as they climbed aboard their spit-fighters.

Notice how skinny she really is, despite her huge tits. You can count her ribs sitting at home, as she bends forward.

She is not wearing a bra with full cups. Instead she’s wearing a demi-bra that only covers half of her tit from the bottom. It’s designed basically to provide support and hide the nipples, while allowing the tits to breath free. Freedom, it’s a beautiful thang.

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Mathira The Hot Yogi On The Vibe Channel

I came across her program purely by accident. There she was, twisting herself into a pretzel and what a fine pretzel she made.

Her name is Mathira and she hosts a Yoga program on the Vibe Music channel.

She has big round tits and long lean limbs. Add to that gorgeous raven hair and big brown eyes with beautifully painted heart-shaped lips.

Yoga, it (obviously) does the body good.

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