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These caps are of the Pakistani supermodel Natasha Hussain, from a ramp shoot, on Style360. She is wearing a lacy, minty green camisole with a flowing creamy miniskirt and matching french cut lacy panties underneath. A delectable combination from the mascot of Pakikaki.

The camisole top is loose and flowing, with spaghetti straps. It is cut deep and wide in the front, allowing us to bathe in her sublime beauty. The top does not allow for a bra to be worn with it. You could wear it, but it would mar the whole effect and far be it for our Natty to be a part of such a fashion faux pas. The result, clear and present nipping. One of the most alluring and stimulating visions known to mankind.

I am amazed at how utterly exquisite her tits are. They are perfectly round and symmetrical, with the firmness reserved for girls in their teens. The nipples are firmly centered and perky. The french saying about the most perfect tit, one which can completely fill a champagne glass, seems to hold true for Natasha’s pair.

The fact that she is a milf, only adds further sensuality to the mix. This is a tried and trusted pair, completing the tryst with mother nature and making her sex appeal all the more comprehensive. It’s easy to get carried away and forget that she has also maintained an hourglass figure, with not an ounce of extra fat anywhere and a clear, smooth and healthy skin to boot.

I like her style, elegance and of course her hot little figure. She frequently hosts red carpet events and has always conducted herself with great poise and grace. Looking forward to more of the same from her.

Here’s the accompanying video. Enjoy.

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I can now die a happy man, after having captured this clip of Natasha Hussain on FTV. The caps from this appearance had been posted in an earlier post. But nothing beats a moving picture of loveliness, that is our Natty. She is modeling Shirin Hassan design(s) here.

This girl is the epitome of style, elgance, grace and maha sexiness. Truly one in a million.

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She is the mascot of this blog. The beautiful, the ravishing Natasha Hussain at the red carpet of the annual Spring Ball, sponsored by Telenor. She is being interviewed before she goes and cavorts with the crowd inside. There was a dance floor in the middle of this huge tent, where desi wannabees (dressed like the party Tom Cruise crashes, in the movie Eyes Wide Shut) tried to dance (self-consciously) and made everybody else feel icky and nauseous.

Natasha is wearing a clingy, metallic, spaghetti strap dress with a scoop neckline that gracefully exposes a fair bit of cleavage and traces her lovely contours. She appears to be wearing one of those transparent bras, with opaque cups.

Her tear-drop shaped tits lay lazily inside the generous confines of the dress. There was some bobble to the boob, indicating some, but not a great deal of constriction. That’s precisely what this dress demanded and this beauty provided.

If you look carefully (pics 006, 010), you can make out the cups and the faint hint of round, silver dollar sized areolae with nipples. The size, shape and location of her nipples appear similar to those of the Czech supermodel she most resembles, Paulina Porizkova. They are sublime, like the rest of her.

What separates Natty from other pretty and hard body models, is her grace and style. There are many who could wear this dress, but only she can carry it. Her body not only fills these dresses, but fulfills the promise associated with them.

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Here is the video of the gorgeous Natasha Hussain in the form fitting black strapless dress. She is being used as a braille tablet by the little imp promoter, who appears a tad bit smashed.

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These vidcaps of supermodel Natasha Hussain were taken from a Shirin Hassan fashion show covered by FTV Pakistan. It’s no secret why Natty (Natasha Hussain) was chosen to be the official mascot of PakiKaki.

She is, IMO, by far the most sexy and glamorous supermodel in Pakistan today. And it’s not just her awesome figure. She is also blessed with the most elegant and delicate features. A work of art, from head-to-toe.

Seeing her, one can’t help but be reminded of the couplet, “Kinna sohna tenu rubb ney banaya, Dil karay vekhda rawan”. In these particular caps, she sorta looks like an Egyptian queen, surveying her domain.

Speaking of surveying, kindly survey her bikini top. The most alluring feature of which, are the adorable bits of her tits which have been left out in the cold. I can’t think of any model who could’ve pulled-off this daring outfit with such style and cool confidence as our Natty. The clear alabaster skin, the svelte body and the coiffed hair. She simply looks ravishing up there.

One can only hope that this trend takes off and in the next Shaadi season, we have aunties running around in such bikini blouses around the buffet table, where uncles are trying to gorge themselves with breast pieces. Let’s hope they don’t run out of chicken.

Growing up, for me there was only one real supermodel, Paulina Porizkova. She combined beauty, elegance, charm, purity and above all that inherent sense of quiet confidence and entitlement that screams “I am gorgeous, worship me! you mortal”. She made a movie with Tom Selleck, Her Alibi, and she turned out to be just as charming and pretty in person. Natty reminds me of Paulina and judging strictly on the established ideals of beauty (features, proportion, charm, personality, elan, etc), Natty easily comes out on top.

Today, most of the ramp models appear to have a toothache and/or seem to be working under extreme duress. Not Natasha. In most of her appearances on the ramp, she smiles warmly and takes the time to acknowledge the crowd. She appears comfortable on stage, supremely secure in her beauty and the effect it’s having on the audience.

That’s unlike the ex-models Iffat Umer (hag), and Z.Q. (nag) who have expressed their derision for ramp modeling in Pakistan and how it ‘objectifies’ women (must have been reading an old copy of Cosmo). Natasha seems to get off on all the attention and admiration that comes her way, from a gratified audience.

I still remember the day somebody sent me pictures of Natasha Hussain. I could not believe that somebody so pretty and sexy, fragile and fresh could be from Pakistan. Back in the Dark Ages, we either produced models who looked guilty and scared, or lollywood starlets who looked gaudy and glazed. All the pretty and polished Pak babes back then, were hiding up there in the attic, with Anne Frank.

But it takes more than beauty to be a sexy supermodel in Pakistan. Natty is also brave, honest and generous to embrace her sexuality and willing to share it with (esp this part of) the world. Not in the traditional cheap and vulgar fashion that makes you cringe, but with poise and pizzazz that lifts the spirit and makes you glad to be alive.

In an interview to DAWN, she claims to be a fan of Enid Blyton and her kid seems to be a fan as well. Anybody who likes Enid Blyton, is alright in my book. Here’s the video, hope you enjoy.

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The following picture of Natasha Hussain has been contributed by bro Zeeshan. The picture speaks for itself. It doesn’t get more hotter than this, man. And that she is a Pakistani, just blows your mind.

This girl is the physical manifestation of sex appeal and that’s why she is the mascot for this blog. There ain’t nobody else like our Natty. I hope she can keep this up for a long time to come. I just luv this gurl.

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Mehreen Syed Shines On FTV

The term “tits-on-a-stick” fits Mehreen Syed, to a tit. Albeit, a real long stick, in her case. She is the uber model of Pakistani catwalk. She is tall, slim. A classic beauty with angular features who is also well-proportioned with really awesome tits to boot And the great thing is, she loves to show them off. Most designers choose Mehreen to display their more risque designs and she carries them off with style.

These vidcaps are from FTV Pakistan. Mehreen is being interviewed on the red carpet by none other than Natasha ‘Natty’ Hussain, who is herself wearing a drop-dead gorgeous dress which is fighting hard to remain on her body, held there by two threads. I bet if you just put a finger on her deColletage, her little raspberry look-alike nipple would pop out!

Not to take away anything from Mehreen, whose enormous tits resemble large glazed donuts. Maybe it’s body make-up that has put that shine on her chest, or maybe somebody took a whole bottle of Johnson & Johnson’s baby oil and went to town on her tits. Both seem equally plausible theories, from where I am sitting.

I can’t decide who is more dishy ?, Mehreen or Natasha. They are both the pride and joy of Pakistan and we are indeed lucky to have such colossal beauties representing us. Wish them the best and hope they continue to spread glamor and sensuality through their work.


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