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The following caps were taken on Eid, November 2009. Naveen Naqvi chose to wear a delightful mauve knit top with a deep scoop neck and dark gray pants. The top is gathered over her bust line and drops downwards. It is sufficiently diaphanous to allow a fairly clear view of her mammoth proportions and incredible cleavage. The sharp edge of her bra cups, gives way to miles of liberated mouth-watering curves. With her dusky skin, sharp features, cascading lush hair and commanding presence, she resembles more an Aztech Warrior Queen, than DAWN’s morning show host.

The word “Naveen” is from ancient Sanskrit which means “new”. Naveen Naqvi however, has been around for awhile. The buxom beauty is of Amazon class with legs that go on forever. From what we have seen of her, she is sophisticated, hard working and serious about her work. In her interview, she claims to have spent her formative years enrolled in the American International School in Saudi Arabia. Upon her return to Karachi, she did her O’Levels from the Centre of Advanced Studies and A’Levels from good ol’ Lyceum, the playpen for the rich and bored.

After giving modeling a try, she joined NBC News. After 9/11 they wanted a footprint in the area. A scenic backdrop of ‘hajis’ against which they could stand and broadcast their anti-Islamic propaganda. Naveen was hired to look after their logistics and equipment. It’s like Jang Akhbar going to New York and hiring Karolina Kurkova as their chota. But at least the Americans paid her money for services rendered. In modeling, according to Naveen, they gave her the runaround until she would break down and cry –but no dinar.

After her stint with NBC she went to New York and spent two years writing a book. It’s about a girl who grows up in Saudi Arabia and Karachi, who is searching for her identity and battling the evil patriarchal society (The Man) who is trying to keep her down. She insists it’s not an autobiography.

After departing from DAWN News on January 2010, she disappeared from the public eye, only to appear online. She now has her own blog at NaveenNaqvi.Com. She sometimes writes articles for the Huffington Post blog and has taken up with local female ‘web-activists’ who are championing the cause of women in Pakistan. Her particular area of concern is sexual abuse, incest, rape, etc. In a recent public appearances, she claims to have suffered sexual abuse as a child.

Video of Naveen Naqvi with Sana Saleem, a survivor and activist [5:55 – 6:38]:

In addition to a striking resemblance, her professional career seems to be eerily following in the footsteps of her favorite writer, Virginia Woolf (1882-1941). Virginia was a feminist writer, who was also sexually abused at a young age, by her brother. She was bisexual and is reported to have had numerous affairs. From nubile poetesses to married women and men of letters. She also suffered several mental breakdowns, starting from the age of 13 and she finally committed suicide at age 59.

In a letter Woolf describes her joy at being touched by an older woman, “it is astonishing what depths – what volcano depths – your finger has stirred”. About men, she had this to say, “Why are women so much more interesting to men, than men are to women ?”. At the very end of her life, she wrote, “I feel certain that I am going mad again… I begin to hear voices”. She reportedly put stones in her coat pockets and drowned herself in the river Ouse. Her body was fished out three weeks later.

Virginia Woolf played a pivotal role in England’s Suffrage Movement (helped women get voting and other civil and legal rights, which had been forbidden them by British aristocracy). Is this what our beautiful, leggy brunette aspires to ?. A champion of women’s lib in 21st Century Pakistan ?. We would have liked to see Naveen go the route of beautiful sex-positive feminists like Camille Paglia and Betty Dodson, rather than fat, ugly, hairy, men-hating butch lesbians like Andrea Dworkin and Naomi Wolfe. While the former celebrate beauty and sex, the latter consider any form of penetrative sex to be a violation of women. I guess strap-ons, vibrators, dildos. . . they don’t count.

Whatever the case, Naveen will find the men of Pakistan firmly behind her. Where do we sign-up ?. We can help arrange mass bra burnings on M.A. Jinnah road, topless marches on Zaibunissa street, Lollapalooza at Sunday Bazaar where chick-bands like Club Caramel, Hadiqa Kiyani and Rabi Peerzada can rock the aunties who have just spent two sweaty hours bargaining for shoes and purses next door.

But seriously, if Naveen is going through her NGO-phase and needs to take a few years off, get this out of her system and onto her resume –we can wait. I had only hoped that she would opt for lipstick, rather than going butch. Seeing her turn out like Hagrid from Harry Potter, without make-up and unkempt hair is discomfiting. But seeing these caps we know the real Naveen is still in there and like fine wine, only getting better with time.

And one fine day, soon, we will see her again: bright and beautiful, cool and confident, lustrous hair, caramel skin, larger than life with all the talent and bounty that mother nature has blessed her with.

The accompanying video.

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Shabana Maniar, “Sheer” Excess

The word Sirens in the title of this blog is not a reference to the horn that you find on top of an ambulance, or a police mobile. It is referring to the Sirens from Greek mythology. Yeah, I know you knew that. It’s for the guy next to you.

Sirens were water nymphs, part women, part fish (part bird). They sat near the water’s edge and lured in sailors from the high seas with their bewitching songs. The music they made would prove irresistible for the men, who would try to make it to shore without caring for their safety, often with disastrous results.

In other words, these Sirens would turn them into those guys you see, standing outside of girl’s colleges, disregarding the stick of the chowkidar that will eventually hurt them. No, not in that way! Oh, come on!.

I had to go into all this detail so that I could justify adding Shabana Maniar to this blog.

At first glance, Shabana is a thirty-something housewife with frayed nerves (read: multiple kids), worn hands and neglected nails. At one time she was a fair colored maiden, hounded by men. But in a few years, she will bear an uncanny resemblance to Grandpa Munster. Despite all that, she fits the bill of a Siren, the temptress.

Shabana is the host of the new show “Bila-Takalluf” on Metro-One. On this evening she had on Mrs. Hameed, a veteran of a marriage bureau who looked entirely drained (Grandpa is up to his old tricks). Now lets get down to business. Two things; one her dress and the other, is what happened to it.

She’s wearing a multi-layered outfit that is all the rage these days. These dresses usually have an expansive outer, diaphanous shell that is worn over a more risqué’ number inside.

This particular dress has a sleeveless fuchsia colored shameez inside, with a scoop-neckline that is a foot deep. Any lower and you would have struck water. The outer shell is a sheer, in pink leopard print. The object of this design, as far as I can make it, is to draw and focus your attention on her cleavage. The sheer material is there to tease and tantalize. The low neck camisole inside, is the Siren’s Call.

This dress does for boobs, what fishnet stockings do for legs.

Then something happened that would up-the-ante. It was a wardrobe malfunction… or so I guess. Her neckline was caught on some lacy bit on her bra cup and stayed stuck there for the duration of the show. So in addition to all of that cleavage, half of her bra was also on display, behind a sheet of sheer leopard.

If she knew about it, she certainly didn’t seem to care. In fact, as you can see in the video, whenever her dupatta fell down from around her neck, she would immediately gather it and push it back up, making sure nothing got between us and her funky stylings.

This sort of sly, tongue-in-cheek exhibitionism is now rampant in our society. It transcends all social and economic strata. On the street women from all walks of life are wearing sheer, barely-there lawns with deep scoop necklines, front and back, which leave little to the imagination. Sometimes you may even feel like walking-up to one and telling them that they really must retire their faded, frayed bra with the missing snap-hook in the back.

This liberal trend of “saaf chuptay bhee nahi, saamnay aatey bhee nahin” dresses, also represents a clear shift in public attitudes. The stylish dress behind the diaphanous veil and the flashy lingerie worn inside sheer shirts, are all living aspirations biding their time, waiting to be realized. Women want (and some say, need) to feel attractive, sexy and desirable. However hard we have made it for them, to express their feminity and sexuality, they seem to have figured-out ways around it.

Like the sheer stuff, but showing-off lingerie is a bit tacky. But we’ll take it.

Here is the accompanying video.

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Following are the caps of Maha, modeling the clothes of the designer Maheen Karim on the ramp, on FTV. You don’t get it right away. It takes a couple of passes by the model, before it sinks in and you begin to assess the design implications of this particular dress.

You see, from afar Maha is seen to be sporting a fairly modest black dress that falls nearly down to her ankles. It’s only when she closes in that you realize that her dress is designed to cover only her shoulders and upper chest. From the top of her bra cups on down, the dress is basically cut into a diaphanous sheath with a hand-painted flowery motif on the front and back to provide an illusion of cover. When in fact, the material sheer enough to allow a full, clear view of the entire bra cups and the robust, bulging cleavage strapped in their midst.

The statuesque Maha, besides boasting a toned tummy and lean legs, is also blessed with a splendid pair of round, firm tits. When they are herded together inside an underwire bra, they naturally bulge out the sides into a delicious cleavage which is framed to max. effect in this dress.

To add further spice the bulbous head of the long printed flower is drawn between the cleavage. With each vertical movement you expect it to eventually bloom and spill it’s seed all over the place, while the audience will follow later, in spurts and splatters.

And it does not end here. Carrying off such an exotic look has apparently aroused the ravishing Maha, who is nipping. The area of concern has been blown-up for your appraisal. Her proud left nubbin along with her puffy areola situated in the center, is quite unmistakable even without enhanced resolution. While tantric gurus will waste little time in locating it’s mate on the right (just above the rounded leaf, shaped like a fist).

Here is the accompanying video. It’s short and abrupt. Even the cameraman shied away from focusing on the interesting aspect of this dress, which is a shame really. If such dresses are popularized and adopted, we can look forward to bumper crops all over Pakistan. And I am not just talking Tulips here.

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The following caps are of Atiqa Odho, from her show on HumTV, which aired on August 5th, 2008. Atiqa is looking her gorgeous self, as usual. The blond highlights in her dyed hair go well with the warm tones she has chosen to paint her face with. Notice the lips. She could have smeared them with a crimson paint brush, but she chose a subtle beige color that complements the whole ensemble. The girl has launched an entire line of make-up products, so she must know a thing or two about the art of getting gussied up.

You will notice that she is wearing a thin, diaphanous, camouflage-print top, through which one can plainly see the black shameez, that has a wide, plunging neckline, exposing a fair bit of creamy Odho cleavage.

You can extrapolate the dimensions of her tits by observing that her cleavage at the top is in line with her armpits, and at the bottom, with about the crook of her elbow. Which means, her tits are almost as long as her humerus, if allowed to hang free. That’s mammoth.

Her physical proportions are so overwhelming that one can easily forget how good of an actress she really is. In the course of a few minutes, as observed through these caps, she goes through a motley of emotions. A different Odho, for every occasion. I caught the surprised, the annoyed, the aggrieved, the pleasant, the aghast, the suspicious, the spurned and the alarmed. Yall can take it from here.

Atiqa’s charming, disarming and engaging personality plays so well on the screen that just about everyone can relate to her. She is the ‘hot’ auntie that every young Turk has had a mad crush on. If Atiqa could get royalties from all the movies she has starred in, which continue to ply in desi bedrooms all over the world, she would be richer than Richard Branson.

The thing with see-through subjects is that you are never quite sure of what to expect when the veil is lifted. You can make an educated guess, but that is subjective. Though ironically, it is best, since we are limited only to the extent of our imagination.

I have done a little bit of (wishful) research and this is what I think (hope) her tits look in person. Something like this, that and another. I tried to stay within reason and not go for jugs like The Hindenburg. Although, she most resembles Erica Campbell, I thought her tits didn’t do Atiqa justice.

Cleavage is in, in a big way, in Pakistan these days. From daily newspapers, local magazines to fashion designers, everybody is pushing and advocating a bit of cleavage for everyone. While that’s going on, you open any news channel and you think you are in hell. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

There is about 3-4″ of pure cleavage on display here. I have taken the liberty to blow up (300%) the relevant section for close inspection. When large tits are strapped into an underwire bra, what you end up with is a yummy cleavage: Two mounds of warm throbbing tit-flesh, dusted lightly with a perfumed talc, or a smear of Shalimar (Chanel 5 ?), made to crash into one another and then lifted, upwards and outwards, until they form a jiggling ridge of living flesh.

In a continuing testament to evolution, man has been able to separate form from… function. A necessary, albeit, a regrettable compromise.

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Maha, Caught Nipping On The Ramp, On FTV

Following are the caps of Pakistani supermodel Maha, modeling clothes on the runway for the designer Nadya Mistry on FTV that aired on April 19th, 2008. The Amazon Class, statuesque Maha is seen wearing a silky blue halter top over a matching wrap-around skirt, leaving most of her upper torso bare.

The sheer material of the halter-top appears to have been augmented with sown-in cups, but the designer did not count on flash photography winning the day for us. The results of modern-day flash photography are similar to how Forest Gump’s mother had philosophized the meaning of ‘life’ to him. “[it’s] like a box of chocolates. You never know whachu gonna get”. Sometimes you get thongs, sometimes bras. But on special occasions you hit the jackpot with nipples and other scandalous stuff.

I never thought we, in Pakistan, would be at the receiving end of such high drama, so soon into the rehab. The (supposedly) unwitting flash of nips continues to be cause for much celebration in places where people go around without a stitch of clothing in public. I think it’s got something to do with the innate thrill of voyeurism: the pleasure from the forbidden fruit, taken on the sly. Maybe that’s why they say; “Stolen kisses and wine, taste the sweetest”.

You can observe the nubbins of Maha’s hard crinkly nipples in the profile shots, where they are trying to push through the thin material. Whereas in portrait shots (facing forward), the matching round silhouettes, the size of a Rs. 5 coin, give away their dimensions. To have made their presence felt, on a 3 dimensional scale, through two layers of clothing, is nothing short of a miracle.

Nothing better than to see a beautiful woman, in her prime, flaunting what she’s got. I am proud that we have such strong, sexy, sensual women ‘representing’. Of course, if I had my way, we would see Maha strutting down the runway in shiny black thigh-highs, with matching hot-shorts. Let’s take a few seconds and contemplate that beautiful thought. For now, I’ll settle for these rebellious nips.

The last two caps have been blown-up to better illustrate the finer points (pun intended). Maha is a sexy, sultry Amazon beauty good enough to eat with a spoon. With her long caramel legs, the creamy alabaster abs and the perfect scoops of firm round tits topped with delicious raspberries –all under an umbrella of a swirling mane of raven hair– makes her an irresistible treat.

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VJ Nemah, A Case Of Nipping, On PlayTV

The following caps are of PlayTV’s seductive VJ Nemah, while she was hosting some red carpet event sponsored by Sunsilk shampoo. Nemah is wearing a clingy, strapless gown which is pulled over her shapely, supple form. She is interviewing some MILF with delicious boobs of her own, racked-up inside a black tank-top with spaghetti straps.

Nemah may not be the prettiest girl you have ever seen, but she has that rare innocence and raw sexuality that makes her stand out. It invites you to take her into your arms and protect her from the bad, bad world. In reality, she can more than take care of herself and would probably kick your ass if you tried.

There is a luminescent quality to her skin. An incandescent glow emanating from her silky soft, clear olive skin, making it appear as appetizing as a tikka sweating over hot coals. I wonder if it tastes as good. Probably better. After VJ Amena (who’s a fitness freak), Nemah has probably the best butt on PlayTV. She is a relatively tall girl and has crazy curves on her.

Here, flash photography has won us a rare view of what appears to be her left nipple. There is clearly a large, circular silhouette where her nipple outghta be. This is not a unique phenomenon. It happens all the time. Anne Hathaway was reportedly caught unawares, wearing what she thought was a black dress, which turned transparent under the glare of flash photography. Others, are not so innocent. Like Sophie Marceau and supermodel Rachel Hunter here. Nemah appears to have fallen under the former, the Rachel Bilson category.

The last two caps are blown-up to allow you to see and judge for yourself. If it is what it is, her nipples are somewhat large in proportion to the size of her tits. I guess that’s good news for people with big mouths.

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Following are the caps of the supermodel Neeha Ahmed, who is modeling the clothes designed by Sobia Nazir (who’s a hot little number in her own right). They were taken on 21st March, 2008 on FTV.

It is fairly obvious that Neeha is not wearing a bra for these particular pictures. Her tits remind me of Carmen Electra’s. Maybe because they are so round and perfect. Only Neeha’s tits look this great without having had a boob job! I don’t know exactly what Sobia had in mind, when she came up with these Somalian… wraps (?), but nevertheless, Neeha looks more appetizing than the KFC’s new wrap.

Neeha has lovely flaring hips that curve deliciously out from her tiny, toned waistline. The cute belly-button ring is quite a draw, surrounded by a sea of taut, smooth, dusky skin. Like those coffee commercials where they shoot the swirling coffee cup from above.

The cleavage in the fifth pic, where her shapely firm tits are pushed together and produced on a platter of black cotton, is more alluring than any piece of jewelry strung around her neck. Neeha is maha sexy and I am sure if given the opportunity, I am certain that we would see much more of this babe.

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