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Here is the video clip of Juggan Kazim on FTV, whose vidcaps had been posted on this blog earlier (“Juggan Kazim Falling Out Of Her Dress”). Pakikaki has upgraded it’s resources to now be able to capture clips off the boob tube. So without further ado, here is Juggan Kazim, in all her adorable glory.

Juggan Kazim is talking to Muneeb Nawaz here, before going in to shoot for Jal band’s Sajni video. You have the choice to go to our YouTube account and watch this video in higher resolution.

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The following is the model Rachael on the Naughty On FTV segment. She is sitting behind the scenes, waiting to get her face painted, when in walks the crew of FTV. Sherry metamorphosizes into a lion and before the camera could have an eyeful, she raises her claws and tries to bite the head of the cameraman. In the process, she exposes more of herself than she had probably bargained for.

Luckily, the crew escaped harm and were able to make it out with the tape. These vidcaps are of hers after the fact, when she’s had time to reflect and able to laugh at the invasion of her privacy.

In addition to the wheaty color, she has very earthy tits. As if she had dug them out of the ground somewhere. I will say it again. Desi cleavage, when it’s this scrumptious, beats all. They are also larger and more beautifully shaped, than what one is lead to believe, strictly from her couture outings. Imagine her in a Wicked Weasel bikini. It’d blow your mind.

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It’s not easy to look good in a pair of tight jeans. To look spectacular, is as rare as the sighting of a shooting star. If you asked me to name one that fit the bill, off the top of my head, I would have to say Heather Thomas, from the show The Fall Guy.

Never, have a pair of legs and butt (of course), have looked so good, while all covered up in denim. Thousands of butts later, her butt, still sticks out in my mind. It’s a pity no one seems to have captured it on the net. If that show was running today, we would have internet shrines of hers all over the place.

So you can understand, what a big deal it is (to me), when after all this time, it’s Sunita Marshall (and not some starlet from Hollywood), who was able to quicken the pulse of this jaded heart. These vidcaps have been taken from FTV, which was covering the opening of some overpriced, pretentious little hole-in-the-wall brand store.

She appears to be the Pakistani version of the classic pinup girl. She’s tall (5’10”) with legs that go on forever. She’s got the wild curly mane of hair, the extra gloss on those pouty lips. Her shapely tits restrained by a strapless bra (when are Pak models going to get rid of these things) and the toned expanse of tanned tummy with it’s delicious navel, providing a sublime transition from the light of her knotted shirt, to the dark of her jeans underneath.

I confess, I have the tiniest shoe fetish. It is brought on by the sort of uber-sexy knee-high boots that Sunita is wearing here. These particular boots don’t have the dull heels which one wears on snowy sidewalks in Manhattan. Rather, they have the sharp stiletto heels that are more at home on a public stage, or… somebody’s private dungeon.

They would nicely complement a leather bustier and fishnet stockings. Perfectly straight guys start to drool and want to give blowjobs to such shoes, while they are in service. I don’t blame them. It’s a visceral reaction. We all hold Nancy Sinatra to the lyrics of her song, “One day these boots are gonna walk all over you”. Promise ?.

This shoot is making me hungry and I’ve figured out the reason why. Sunita is dressed up to be a giant ice cream sundae. The jeans (chocolate), the tummy (caramel), the shirt (whipped cream) and the dark hair (sprinkles). I know I missed something… yeah, the cherries on top. You can’t see them, but they are there. Trust me. They just dropped into the whipped cream.

There’s an old term used in the Sub-Continent to describe the undulating curves of a desi woman’s torso. They say, “Her back, was like that of an archer’s bow”. Seeing Sunita in profile, you can finely understand the finer nuances which have been celebrated and circumnavigated by generations of appreciative desi men.

Sunita’s family lives in England and she commutes back and forth, for work in Pakistan. By George! we are blessed to have her here in Pakistan. She is working in several soaps, on the catwalk and of course numerous print campaigns. She is a righteous hottie with the cutest personality and a stand-up gal. I hope she continues to liven up the local scenery with her gorgeous self.

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