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Syra, The ‘Most Wanted’ VJ

Following are the caps of the MTV VJ Syra, host of the show Most Wanted. MTV was lost when Mahira left (or was pushed out), until Syra arrived and filled the gaping hole of charm, charisma, personality, beauty, style and mega-cuteness. You can sit and watch Syra, mesmerized, for an hour and it feels as if just a moment had passed.

Here I would like to share a personal theory with you. It’s called “The Special Theory Of Beauty & Booty”. It says that there are two types of beautiful girls: (1) cute ‘n pretty and (2) hot ‘n sexy. And never the twain shall meet.

The former is pretty and cute, with a care-free and bubbly personality.

You can have riveting conversations with her, on subjects of fun ‘n fantasy till they announce breakfast, to your collective dismay. She can be an inspiration, a true friend, a valued companion and a great ally.

Sex with her can be great, but never spectacular. Her inhibitions and hangups (“Did you wash that thing ?…”, “You wanna put it where ?…”, “Eww!, I am all sweaty and icky”), tend to get in the way.

This girl is not just born a pretty face. She is the culmination of a well-rounded education, a grounded disposition and a privileged background that provided her with sufficient distance and shelter from the hard knocks of life that sow the seeds of cynicism and bitterness among the rest.

The latter is a sex bomb. She reeks of it.

From the way she caresses her tresses, to how she locks eyes and plays chicken with you, to win. When she walks, she swings her hips as if doing the tango with the wind. There is no need for witty repartee, or tete-a-tete in a corner.

This girl needs to be kneaded –like a pizza dough, covered in your special sauce(s), allowed to bake in the heat of passion. Then put on the counter top and split apart with your tool after which you devour her. From top to bottom, front to back, crust and all until your appendages, face and mouth is covered, with her. In her.

This girl is like Chinese food. After an hour you start feeling hungry and want more. Dirty, sweaty, icky is just the way she likes it and when she is done for the night, you pal… are done for the week.

I am not sure where to put Syra, just yet. She is so pretty, so sweet that you want to put her in front of you, look into her big brown eyes and just listen to her talk. It’s like warbling of the sweetest nightingale. You wish you could go to sleep looking at this vision with the sweet music in your ears.

But then she is so sexy with a hot body that you want to make a Happy Meal of her. She may be the first one that defies the special laws of cute vs. sexy. As a fan, I am more than satisfied to just sit back and watch her do her thang on TV. I am pretty sure whoever is the lucky guy who ultimately gets to win her heart and hand, will be in for one hellavu ride, for the rest of his life.

I have one word for her: a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e.

One just hopes that this amazing beauty, this stylish cutie and chic hottie, continues to appear on-screen, for as long as she can (and wants to), so she may light-up our hearths and hearts. Syra is special. Not the kind that sits on the small bus, but one who shines atop the Christmas Tree.

For the complete set, click here.

Here is the accompanying video, so you can get an idea of what I have been yammering about:

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Geo News is now a poorer place, after the departure of Sana Tariq and Asma from it’s ranks. While there is scarce news about Asma’s whereabouts, we are now blessed with two hours of wall-to-wall Sana Tariq on ARY News’ “Bakhabar Savera”. It’s a morning show, starring the lovely Sana Tariq. At the beginning, her makeup was a mess and the lighting was atrocious on the ARY set, casting unseemly shadows and playing havoc with her complexion. She also confessed to being sick, down with some bug, and showing it.

But that is all in the past now. Today, the set is well lit, the makeup just right and she is her old self on the new set, ie; enthusiastic, effervescent, vivacious and wholly cute and charming. If you close your eyes and just listen to that sugary voice, it’s akin to the warbling of some melodious bird. Each syllable is clearly enunciated, after having been dipped generously in honey.

This clip is from her September 20th, 2008 appearance on the show. The US had landed it’s extremely brave and trained Rangers in Angoor Adda (FATA). They stormed the houses, killing women and children, after making sure the men were away. This episode introduced a fresh spine into our exalted leadership, who stood up and raised their fists in the way of the utterly impotent, staging make-believe rage for local consumption.

Sana Tariq is explaining the reaction of Shah Mahmood Qureshi, our frequently MIA Foreign Minister. Just look how adorable she is, while explaining America’s fault lines, our (very real and unfortunate) complicity with them and exhibiting a little bit of her own, personal outrage. Here she is, supremely adorable and choo cute! filled with the anger of the righteous. You just want to pinch those full rosy cheeks and go “Awwww!”.

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In Pakistan today, politics is the hub of corruption and deception. It offers nothing but disillusionment and apathy to the masses. So it is pleasantly refreshing when a politician offers charm, beauty and sex appeal without asking for anything in return. These caps are of Ms. Maiza Hameed, the burgeoning (in more ways than one) MPA of the PML(N), in the Punjab Assembly. This young beauty is the director, no less, of Rose Travels, located on Jail Road, Lahore.

In recent days, the PML(Q) has put up Marvi Memon as a replacement for Kashmala Tariq, after the latter tore off to lead the forward block of her crumbling party. In reply, the PML(N) have come up with a heavyweight contender of their own. This nubile beauty of titanic proportions and promising talents has clobbered her competition.

Maiza has all the accoutrements of a bewitching babe. The lustrous mane of dark hair complements her classic oval face. Her warm, sparkling amber-colored eyes are framed with dark arching brows. The high cheekbones allow her tiny, pierced button-nose to sit proudly between plush spheres of youthful cheeks, which have yet to shed their baby phat. When her large crimson lips are pursed together, they form the loveliest of rosebuds. All this and her nubile charm and unaffected manner puts her in the top of her league.

But the most enchanting aspect of her beauty has got to be her tits. They are gigantic. Enormous. Truly splendiferous. You can’t help but turn into that cartoon wolf whose eyes pop out, tongue drops to the floor and heart starts beating out of his chest like a trip hammer. The tits are round, firm and “fat”, like the Penthouse Pet Amy Lynn Baxter used to describe her own pair.

In this appearance on TV-One show Burning Issues (dated August 30th, 2008), she seems to be wearing a padded bra. The cups are obviously not padded enough, because we can clearly make a case of nipping. Right in the center of her large, luscious orb, you can observe a round nubbin. There is considerable kaaj work on the shirt, but right where the fat nipple has decided to poke it’s head out, there is none. Where a casual observer might miss it, or confuse it with embroidery, we recognize and salute the very gorgeous rebellious protrusion.

The location of the nipple (higher up) also gives us a fair indication of the firmness and supple nature of the breast tissue. In layman terms, the tits be blessed with the trappings of youth. The area of concern has been isolated and blown up 300% for closer inspection by connoisseurs.

As for her political acumen, one can’t say for sure just yet. She seems earnest and appears confident and dedicated. However, she seems to lack the slick political guile and aptitude for lies and duplicity that unfortunately has come to determines political success in today’s Pakistan. That’s good news for potential suitors, but bad news for our Machiavellian masters.

Click here for the rest of the caps. Here’s a video sample, just in case you are wondering if she sounds as cute as she looks.

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VJ Nemah, A Case Of Nipping, On PlayTV

The following caps are of PlayTV’s seductive VJ Nemah, while she was hosting some red carpet event sponsored by Sunsilk shampoo. Nemah is wearing a clingy, strapless gown which is pulled over her shapely, supple form. She is interviewing some MILF with delicious boobs of her own, racked-up inside a black tank-top with spaghetti straps.

Nemah may not be the prettiest girl you have ever seen, but she has that rare innocence and raw sexuality that makes her stand out. It invites you to take her into your arms and protect her from the bad, bad world. In reality, she can more than take care of herself and would probably kick your ass if you tried.

There is a luminescent quality to her skin. An incandescent glow emanating from her silky soft, clear olive skin, making it appear as appetizing as a tikka sweating over hot coals. I wonder if it tastes as good. Probably better. After VJ Amena (who’s a fitness freak), Nemah has probably the best butt on PlayTV. She is a relatively tall girl and has crazy curves on her.

Here, flash photography has won us a rare view of what appears to be her left nipple. There is clearly a large, circular silhouette where her nipple outghta be. This is not a unique phenomenon. It happens all the time. Anne Hathaway was reportedly caught unawares, wearing what she thought was a black dress, which turned transparent under the glare of flash photography. Others, are not so innocent. Like Sophie Marceau and supermodel Rachel Hunter here. Nemah appears to have fallen under the former, the Rachel Bilson category.

The last two caps are blown-up to allow you to see and judge for yourself. If it is what it is, her nipples are somewhat large in proportion to the size of her tits. I guess that’s good news for people with big mouths.

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The following caps are of Sadia Afzaal, taken on October 11th, 2007, from her show Nuqta-e-Etraaz on PTV News. This was long before I was familiar with her work. She just happened to catch my eye one day and I scooped-up a cap because she looked hot (and nipping). It’s only now, after having watched her work, that I have come to appreciate the gorgeous and multi-talented Sadia Afzaal.

Being sexy a-n-d smart is an asset, a gift; not a crime or a sin. The only sin is if we try and reduce her whole persona, down to just the sum of tits and ass. That’s why even though this blog may seem primarily concerned with looks, we try (within our modest means) to present the whole person. You can look at a picture and see ‘pretty’. But to judge ‘sexy’, you need a movie, that can provide you with some clues to their personality as well.

I went through this quasi-philosophical routine to reassure folks who might think this is just a T&A factory. It is that, but we wish to aspire to more than that. We may not always succeed, but we try. This is a post where we fail, because it’s a simple case of nipping. You be the judge.

The first cap is the original, with no resizing. You can tell there is something there, even if it’s not entirely clear at this resolution.

Here, we have blown the cap to three times it’s original size. Btw, it’s the right nipple, if you’re still confused.

Here, is the just the interesting part, blown up. It’s certainly a protuberance of some sort and it’s in the general vicinity of where you’d expect it. If she is used to carrying pencil erasers in her bra, that might be the other possibility.

All these caps prove, is that Sadia has nipples. I am pretty sure most of you suspected as much. Along with nipples, she has a great body and an even better mind. The proof of that is on the tele, twice-a-week, where you can appreciate the whole Sadia.

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The following caps are of Nadia, from her show Hit Parade, which aired on May 26th, 2008, on Samaa TV. After Javeria Jaleel, if there is an adorable face on TV today, it’s of Nadia. On this particular show, she was interviewing the lanky, smart-ass Ali Salman. He’s the comedian/host with tits that are now bigger than your average Pakistani girl.

Nadia was a little taken with the comedian, who wasted no opportunity of dropping names and then apologizing for it.

Maybe it’s the aquamarine print dress, or that fabulous hair. It could be the sparkle in the eye, or the blush on her cheek. The pearly white teeth, or the mischief around the corners of her mouth which makes her such a treat to watch.

She is a bundle of emotions and can run through the gamut in the blink of an eye. She was understandably somewhat overwhelmed interviewing a guest who claimed (on numerous occasions) to be the long time, fast friend of the director/producer of her show. But she didn’t let that bother her too much and stuck to her program notes. In the end, it was Ali who was sweating bullets and seemed to be melting into his seat, under the barrage of her questions. The girls got chutzpah.

I was a bit surprised, when I saw Nadia acting in a drama (have caps, will try to dig them out later). She seems tiny sitting there, but she is fairly tall and has a great body (read: butt), especially when she is wearing tight fitted jeans. The drama was being shot at some campus, where she was doing the role of a student. Not the greatest actor (just yet), but who’s really watching today’s dramas for the acting. She is delish.

For more pics click here.

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Following are the vidcaps and video of Najiba, who hosts (what should be) the most popular show on Khyber TV (if we all knew Pushto). This appearance is from the show which aired on May 21st, 2008. This striking beauty hosts a call-in show, which has a cooking and several music video segments. Najiba is fluent in Pushto, Urdu, English and at times, will also let out some choice Punjabi dialogue in style.

As a young’un I was duly enamored of the various beauties that held on to Sindbad, Conan, Jason as they battled the monsters on their behalf. It seemed right, that these guys would risk their lives for these gorgeous princesses. Money alone, just doesn’t cut it.

In Najiba, all those babes of my childhood dreams have come together in an amazing amalgam of royal beauty and charisma. Najiba does her show sitting on a sofa, but in my mind’s eye she sits atop a gilded throne. As in the movie The Prince And The Pauper, the prince may have been wearing rags, but you cannot ignore his royal bearings. So it is with Najiba. She is meant for greater things.

If she was just the prettiest girl in the world, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. The great thing about Najiba is that she has a personality to match her looks. She is funny, she is patient, she is kind (even to the psychotic callers that phone in from the dungeons where they are tied down), self-effacing, precocious and forever effervescent.

You need several people with exceptional qualities to smelt them down to one Najiba.

In her cooking segment, she is paired with the dullest Pushtoons this side of the river Kabul. Sometimes, her female guests seem to have been turned out from Dr. Frankenstein’s basement. But with her constant needling, digging and clowning around, she is able to break down their barriers and in a few minutes, illicit the rare smile, off of a stern face.

I have a theory which is based upon my observations. It might be way off-base… nah! I doubt it.

In this world, there are 5% of pure evil, 90% of dullards and the remaining 5% are the pure, enlightened souls that have been heaven-sent to bring us joy and happiness. They lighten-up our earthly loads and light-up our world. They make-up for the evil crap left strewn about by the rest of us. When they walk into a room full of dullards, huddled in the darkness, they fill it up with light and laughter. Wherever they go, people swarm around them, basking in their glow and filling themselves up with their elan. Like a fat kid at a wedding, they can’t have enough.

Najiba, in my opinion, is one of those pure 5%. She exudes the promise of life, joy and goodness. Verily, she deserves to be on the screen where she can do the most good.

I have never felt the need to learn Pushto. I wanted to, but never needed to, until I saw Najiba. Now I wish I had learnt it, so I could understand what she is saying and be richer for it. It would undoubtedly double the pleasure. Pushto never sounded so good, so sexy, so precious… until I heard it from Najiba. Actually, it has little to do with the language, but the speaker. When Najiba talks in Punjabi, it melts your hearts like a mousse cake under lights.

Najiba seems to hail from a well-to-do, educated and a well-grounded background. While her personality is (thankfully) not repressed, she is also cognizant of her social boundaries. She kids around, pokes fun, makes faces, dramatic overtures but it’s tempered with good taste and a friendly manner. Needless to say, I have developed (over time) a huge crush on her and can’t say enough good things about this girl.

Click here for more caps.

Here’s a video of her’s and several more on the pakikaki Youtube account. Her show is repeated on Khyber TV every weekday from 3:00am to 5:00am. Enjoy.

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