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Atiqa Odho does not seem to be in any hurry to relinquish the mantle of the uber Pakistani MILF anytime soon. The following caps are from her new show on Geo TV, “A Conversation With Atiqa” that aired on October 16th, 2008. Here she is interviewing the Pakistani rock band Strings, or so it would seem. But it is actually a ploy for Atiqa to showcase her tantalizing beauty and amazing tits. And you will hardly hear a murmur of displeasure, or dissent out there in the heartland.

Atiqa’s hair is coiffed after the classic pinup hotties of the 50’s and 60’s. The Sophia Lorens, the Gina Lollobrigidas, and the Mae Wests.

Ladies who could rattle briefs and boxers late into their sunset years. Those big flashing eyes, large pouty lips, smooth unblemished skin of the cheek. All that and the nubile aura that she projects at her age is as rare and amazing as the legacy of those legendary sex symbols.

Notice when she crosses her hands, her elbows push her tits together to form a lovely, creamy cleavage. When her hands are at her sides, the pendulous tits fall into perfect tear-drop symmetry, held in check by a make-shift, flowery hammock that’s tied behind her neck.

The contrast in color between the solid black dress and the supportive flowery bib, serves to emphasize the size and shape of the forbidden fruit. Around her neck she is wearing a dangling pendant. It swings back and forth over the cleavage, shaped like a tiny male appendage, marking the spot.

Atiqa’s interviews are not meant to be hard-hitting numbers like Jasmin Manzoor’s (Pulse on Business Plus), or Saima Mohsin’s (Newseye on Dawn News). They are puff pieces, and not the kind with some pastry underneath, like Naeem Bukhari’s (Apna Andaaz on Hum TV).

It’s fluff and fawning, without much homework. Like, when she singled-out the band for being the first Pakistani band whose song had made it to the soundtrack of a major Hollywood blockbuster (Spiderman-2, 2004). Strings had to remind her that Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan had actually done that, ten years earlier (Natural Born Killers, 1994).

But really, who cares ?. There are enough fact-finding munshis with bad hairdos out there, madly polluting the air waves with vitriol. There is only one Atiqa Odho. She can sit there on a couch, wearing just a man’s shirt, top three buttons undone, painting her toenails and it’ll be a guaranteed hit show.

For Atiqa, the most paramount question for the band had little to do with the process of coming up with ideas for songs, melodies and compositions. It was about the band groupies. The single and often married women who follow the band around, calling them at home and making themselves ‘available’, away from home.

How has the band dealt with them ?. Do their wives mind all the attention ?. It sounded more like she was shopping for an audition, than looking for their position on the subject. The blushing band members, sputtering out the usual make-believe response, made their positions clear.

It would’ve been enough if Atiqa Odho was just another ravishing beauty. But she is that and an incredible actress. She may not like the band, care for their music, or been following their career. But with just enough empathy and faked sincerity, she seemed to care about them as people and they seemed satisfied with the attention.

And that’s why it works most of the time, because Atiqa steals the show. It rarely matters who her guest is. People tune in to see Atiqa, in all her finery. I bet if you took a poll, Atiqa would be more popular among guys (both young and old), than gals.

Here’s the much awaited video clip from the same show. Enjoy:

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In these last few months, Asma Iqbal has transformed herself from fairly beautiful to just plain gorgeous. These caps and video of Asma Iqbal are from yesterday, 10th July, 2008. She was looking so cute and delish that it would certainly be a crime not to record it for posterity.

She is wearing a black suit, with a deep V-neck and heavily embroidered lapels. Underneath she’s wearing a white net t-shirt that’s stretched taut over her gorgeous tits.

I don’t know what she has had done, but she looks just amazing. Her alabaster skin has aquired a healthy glow, her eyes sparkle forth like polished garnets and the lips are on loan from Monica Belluci. I don’t think there is a newscaster anywhere in the world right now, who is as pretty and glamorous as Asma (and Sana of course). Geo should release fold-out posters for people to put up these beauties on their walls. Top of the morning to ya!

But Asma is not resting on just her looks. As usual, she is working harder than the rest to give meaning to her words. Like an ace orator, she is constantly attenuating her tone, manner and expression to keep you involved. This variety comes through in the caps, where no one pic, is like the other. News on Geo is now more enthralling than anything it offers on it’s entertainment channel, by far.

Maybe she’s too good, because the world could be coming apart at the seams, but if Asma is on air, you’re not in any hurry to leave for supplies.

Probably it’s just what we need after a long day of clawing through the vagaries of modern day Pakistan. Someone to calm the frayed nerves, soothe the singed soul and refresh the battered body.

An able, confident babe laying it all out in black and white. Here’s a little compilation video of Asma from July 10th, 2008. For more pics click here.

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The following vidcaps are of the (in)famous stage performer Deedar from Aik Din Geo Kai Sath on May 23rd, 2008. The host Sohail Warraich, a noted journalist, with a publicly declared penchant for beautiful girls was all-a-titter, courting the beautiful damsel around town. A few days ago, he had done the same with her elder sister, Nargis, an equally (in)famous stage performer who is credited with revolutionizing the stage drama. You can see them both together here.

Deedar may not be the prettiest, but she is undeniably the most fittest babe on the Pakistani mujra circuit. She has the conditioned body of an olympic athlete with defined abs, a tiny waist and a gymnast’s butt. But if she were in ‘civilian clothes’, you could walk past her in Jinnah Super and she’d so… blend, that you wouldn’t even know she was there.

Deedar and her sister, Nargis, along with a handful of others rule the dance circuit in Pakistan and do regular shows abroad. The sisters have made waves across the land. They have been picked-up by the police, banned by the Govt, shamed by the media and everything in between. But they always manage to stage a come back, by popular demand. These stage performers are borne out of necessity, surrounded in a sea of hypocrisy and celebrated in quasi-secrecy. Instead of celebrating beauty, sex-appeal and art we have wrapped the female form in shame, neglect and abuse. Is it any wonder why we have so many confused and raging nuts, running around the place.

Deedar is young, vibrant, healthy and charismatic, with a keen business sense. The sisters don’t live in the Diamond Alley, with roaches and men with mustaches that resemble roaches. They live in posh localities, drive around in SUVs and take vacations abroad.

Before she gets old and saggy, she will likely have nabbed a feudal lord (or a cricket star with a big head and loose lips) and had his kids. If one were to judge Deedar on her current fame and success in her chosen profession, she is arguably the Jenna Jameson of Pakistani stage (before Jenna married the jar head and became a living corpse). Here she is, at work. You gotta appreciate her work ethic.

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Asma Iqbal, Back In Black On Geo TV

I was rummaging through my collection and I bumped into these old caps from the the early days when Asma Iqbal had just made her debut on Geo, from Express News. These caps were taken on April 30th, 2008. I also found a couple of caps from her Express News days. It is confirmed. She looks hot in a suit.

Long before Asma Iqbal blossomed into the confident and polished hottie we see on Geo News today, she was always a smart, vivacious beauty that you just could not ignore. She has always had a presence on screen, that leaps out at you.

Having observed news anchors on dozens of private channels and PTV, I can say with some confidence now that Asma works, at least twice as hard, as the rest of them (barring Sana Tariq).

While the rest just sit there with that blank expression and drone out a mono-syllabic stream of facts-n-figures, Asma is 100% involved in her work presentation. With her breadth and multitude of expressions, intonations and gestures, she brings it to life. That’s the kind of dedication she brings to the job and why so many people tune it to watch her.

I hope she is being duly compensated for it. In the west, viewers choose news channels, based in large part on the news anchors, who then rightly command a healthy salary.

With so many news choices available in the market today, giving you pretty much the same information, Pakistanis are also switching to find the best anchor to see and hear their news.

Seeing her in black here, I am reminded of that song, “Mein kala jora paya, teri farmaish te’. The girl in that video (Amna) is cute, but Asma does better justice to the kala jora here.

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These vidcaps of Geo News anchor Sana Tariq prove once again that Geo studios is pretty chilly. Sana can’t see us, so I presume she is indifferent to our existence and hence, that round protuberance in the middle of her right tit are (quite probably) her gorgeous and engorged nipple staging a coup de tit inside her bra. That sort of revolution will always get our un-stinted support.

We have come a long way from “Yea Hai Radio Pakistan” and “Mein houn Azhar Lodhi, aur yea hain aaj kee khabrain”. Today, you turn on Geo and expect to see a coiffed hottie in a designer dress, crooning cruddy news. Not a giant head with Harry Carey glasses staring at you like Big Brother (the 1984 kind). Today, it’s Sana Tariq with the latest breaking news. She is prettier and many times more sophisticated and cultured than even the movie stars. To make an adjusted comparison, imagine Rebecca Romijn reading the 6 O’ Clock news in a thong bikini. That‘s how good we’ve got it down here.

Perhaps a higher power has arranged her on Geo News to try and educate the masses, so they could re-arrange their priorities and succeed as individuals, and as a nation. I think I’ll go with the other theory. The one with the glamorous babe with knockout looks and perfect tits appearing daily to balance the misery and sufferring of the masses.

Hmm. That’s so much better.


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Following are the second set of vidcaps of Asma Iqbal, the new anchor over at Geo TV. This particular shade of blue (sapphire) suits her and she looks fresh and sprightly. From the glossy mane of hair to the tips of her long, lovely hands and the manicured nails.

With the addition of Sana and now Asma, Geo has two, top-tier anchors in it’s stable of beauties (Sana Mirza is MIA, I wonder where that lovely beauty disappeared off to). Coincidently, on this particular day, both were doing the news together, clothed in blue, no less. Anybody say clash ?.

When put up together, the slight differences in manner and style become more apparent. Sana, thanks to mother nature, has clearly had a leg-up on the competition. Combined with better access to resources and a willingness to avail those opportunities that came her way, she has turned into a mild-mannered news anchor by day and a gorgeous knockout off-the-air.

Asma Iqbal is actually prettier than Sana Tariq, based on the classic scales of beauty. She may not have been blessed with similar resources (it seems), but she has nonetheless worked hard to get noticed and is finally sitting next to Sana and able to perfectly hold her own. That shows aside from her looks, she’s got guts, man.

Aside from her beauty and charm, Asma works hard at her job. She does not sleep-walk through the news. If you look at these vidcaps, you will notice that Asma goes through 101 expressions combined with an equally varied tone and pitch quality of voice to deliver the news. Try this at home in front of the mirror for just 5 minutes and you will have a headache by the end of it.

It is not easy to be appear interested at a stretch, harder still to be interesting. Most of the time, these girls are delivering either stale, or sad news. To command a surging audience, requires more than just a pretty face. It must be an interesting performance. No easy feat, when you have a desi with dozens of options and an itchy trigger finger. He is more fickle than Coco the chimpanzee. For that Asma and Co. deserve all the credit.

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These vidcaps of Savera Nadeem are from a soap that aired on 27th July, 2007 on Geo TV. The sunlight filtering through the window, catches her sublime form just right, to render her lawn kurta and dupatta functionally defunct. That’s another way of saying her kurta is transparent. She might as well be standing there, wearing just that white bra.

This is hardly a rare phenomenon. It is witnessed several times a day, by your average Pakistani. Not since the veiled concubines of the Ottoman Empire, who made diaphanous tops famous, have we seen a more tantalizing and titillating display of the female form. The Pakistani babe in a lawn suit, on a summer ‘s day.

Once, as I was driving towards the McDonald’s drive-thru, a woman clad in a yellow print lawn dress crossed the road in front. The setting sun did a magical number and it was, as if, she was standing there in nothing but a white bra and panties before me. As clear as day, I tell you.

I am sure they all know perfectly well what they are doing to male pulses (that too) out there. She could have easily made me drive into the Arabian Sea, instead of getting a burger. But I am not complaining. Ask the guys sitting and strutting about in the mall, or stumbling and bumping into smelly strangers at the Sunday Bazaar. They are not complaining. Attendance in mosques has never been higher. Gul Ahmed is making record profits. Coincidence ?, I think not.

But all these Pakistani women walking down the street, or up an aisle, aren’t the living incarnation of Diana, the Hunter goddess, like our Savera Nadeem. You can see the way she carries herself. Her head held high, the shoulders squared-up and tits out. She is confident, she means business. She is woman… hear us moan.

She looks nice with her hair like that, falling around her face in a bob-cut. She reminds me of an Egyptian princess, like Elizabeth Taylor from the movie Cleopatra. The dark hair frames her elegant face nicely.

You know in real life, if your wife looked like that in the morning, you wouldn’t be asking for a cup of tea. You would be jumping her bones and arrive at work looking and feeling like Rasool Baksh Palejo.

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