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Juggan Kazim grew up in Lahore. She went to Grammar School, then to Kinnaird College for her FA and then… then she popped-up on the Zoo TV Beanbag Show. Right ?.


Juggan Kazim finished High School in Pakistan and then she went to college in Canada. She changed her name and did a few commercials, print modeling, stage plays and then did movies (WHAT! ?, she changed her name ?). Yeah, she did. She changed it to Jay Kazim. Actually, come to think of it, a smart move. She starts in Pakistan with a clean slate. You can read all about it in her interview on Spotlight, among other places.

Now about her movie(s). It’s a critically acclaimed Anglo-Indian production, called “Pink Ludoos” released in 2005. It is also set to be released under the name of “Sweet Destiny” in 2008. The writer is a Sikh girl with a Christian name, the director is an indian-born, canadian-settled desi. Then you’ve got a pretty Pakistani girl in the leading role, playing a hindu. A real mix fruit chat, if you will.

Juggan is playing the role of a horny, free-spirited girl (slut), who gets pregnant with triplets from her desi pot-smoking lover, played by an indian actor named Jazz Mann. She is abandoned by her family and decides to take care of business on her own. Hurray! for single teen mothers. Now you know why it was critically acclaimed. They just finished giving an Oscar to Juno, and Juggan is far hotter than that Ellen Page.

The film won a handful of awards. It was compared with Bend It Like Bekham and Bhaji On The Beach. You can read it’s reviews on MyBindi, Boloji, Asian Media Org, Hyphen Magazine, Play and Praxis Film. But if you want to see a trailer, you can get a little taste of it here.

Juggan Kazim is humping a guy in a parked car. She is french kissing him elsewhere in the movie and who-knows-what-else in between. You’ll just have to beg, borrow, or steal the movie to find out. Who knew, eh ?.

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Here is the video clip of Juggan Kazim on FTV, whose vidcaps had been posted on this blog earlier (“Juggan Kazim Falling Out Of Her Dress”). Pakikaki has upgraded it’s resources to now be able to capture clips off the boob tube. So without further ado, here is Juggan Kazim, in all her adorable glory.

Juggan Kazim is talking to Muneeb Nawaz here, before going in to shoot for Jal band’s Sajni video. You have the choice to go to our YouTube account and watch this video in higher resolution.

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These beautiful vidcaps of Juggan Kazim are from her show on HumTV, courtesy of bro Jaaf. These pics are a good reminder why Juggan’s jugs deserve to be placed in the pantheon of Titdom, if ever there is a place. There are plenty of girls out there with big tits, but very few can translate that into a sexy persona. It’s the manner in which the whole smorgasbord of lusciousness is laid out in her case.

That sweet innocent face, creamy complexion and the easy manner in which she doles out bucket-loads of sex appeal, is what makes her special. She seems comfortable in her skin and is unafraid to share her sexuality. She will bat those eyelashes, make goo-goo eyes and pull those Alicia Silverstone lips into a lovely pout to disarm you.

Since motherhood, some of Juggans assets have apparently blossomed and grown in size. She is generous enough to share the dividends through plunging wide necklines. Speaking of big white tits on desi chicks, her cleavage reminds me of one of our hot teachers in grade school. She had the body of a Playmate (I kid you not) and the most gorgeous big jugs. She was a total exhibitionist and loved to show them off with wide and plunging necklines. Drove us all nuts.

She would call us up to her table and while we stood solemnly behind her, she would grade our papers. Sometimes, you could clearly see her lacy bra cups –but never the nipple. She was too smart a cookie not to know what she was doing to us, and bless her soul, she never disappointed. I am willing to re-enroll in grade school if Juggan is grading my work.

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Here are some vidcaps contributed by brother jaff. Juggan Kazim made an appearance on the Sajid Hassan show. She is very playful and open about showing off her tits and legs. At one point she leans across and punches the other guest. She is playful like that. One can assume she is equally playful and creative in bed.

Lately, I heard her complaining to one of the models on her show that she can no longer do runways and catwalks because of the increase in the size of her tits since she became a mommy. “You can’t do runways looking like a cow!”, she exclaimed.

She can model anything, as far as I am concerned. The skinny racks don’t make me run out and buy that dress. I would think real women, real mommies who have tits. Big, puffy, sensitive tits with large, leaking nipples would be interested in dresses that have room for their milk factories.

As for her feeling like a cow… well, she is producing milk and satisfying two guys at home. But I doubt if they both make her go on all fours. The dad, I’m not sure about. Hey, I would be tempted, if I was in his shoes.

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