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Statuesque. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when you look at Maha. A perfectly proportioned, Amazon Class, chiseled hard body. The only time you get to see such gorgeous and generous feminine proportions is either at an Olympic swim meet, or at a sand volleyball game between Brazil and one of those other teams.

I don’t know what you have to do, to get her way, aside from obviously inheriting great genes. To attain that perfect skin, tone and rosy complexion you would probably have to eat right, exercise, visit spas, meet trainers, keep beauticians and get-off every night. While we don’t like to publicly acknowledge it in the land of the pure, that last bit usually does wonders for one’s appearance and attitude.

Maha is in fabulous physical condition at this shoot. Not an ounce of extra fat anywhere. The quality of muscle tone indicates that it’s been achieved through regular, vigorous movement and not on a starvation diet.

As role models and fashion icons, supermodel’s like Maha have a responsibility to put their best foot forward. Being out there in the public eye, one of their primary roles is to set standards for fashion and fitness.

Back when Anjuman and Rani ruled the roost, girls went around wearing potato sacks (they called them Afghani kurtas) and perhaps for good reason. But today, desi girls come in fitted kurtis and tight jeans and they look phat.

The emphasis should be on physical fitness. Not necessarily weight, girth or conjuring-up ways to deny yourself. There are plenty of examples of large(r) women, with beguiling curves who continue to command a huge fan following in Pakistan. In their case, proportion trumps portion.

What I find really sensual in this particular shoot is Maha’s midriff. The way her tiny waist flares into strong, rounded hips is nothing short of spectacular. The flat, taut belly looks like it was carved out of Carrara marble by Michaelangelo, while the cute ‘innie’ belly-button is a treat for any connoisseur. You couldn’t draw a more sexier figure on paper and there isn’t one quite like this, on Google. Yes, I cheched.

Maha is not just a pretty face and a sexy body. The way she takes over the ramp, walking tall, shoulders back, chest out, a deliberate stride and maintaining eye-contact… the girl exudes confidence and that is the ultimate turn-on.

I would give the nail on my right pinkie finger to see Maha in a bikini. A teeny Wicked Weasel. I am sure she would look just as lovely, as Kylie Bax, Karolina Kurkova or a Heidi Klume.

Maha comes across so strong, determined and aggressive. One is afraid to picture her in bed. She could toss you around like a melon, pull you apart like a Kino and swallow you up like a banana.

Or you could play the home version of “Taliban-Taliban”. Each takes turn spanking the other. Then, one yanks on the cord while the other pushes the button until you blow each other up. Rinse and repeat.

Click here for the complete set of caps from this shoot.

The following is a video from the same shoot. The incredible Maha.

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These caps are of Naila Nadeem, from the Breakfast With Naila show, that aired in August, 2008. She is wearing a print green kurta with a white cotton shalwar and matching white shoes. Gurus will note that this ensemble is completed with a full, white bra that has much to be proud of it’s contents.

Naila is a fountain of bubbling enthusiasm for stuff that would ordinarily pass for the usual and mundane. Her opening segment is not scripted, yet she is able to form a coherent message on the fly. Her guest is some no-name MPA from the Punjab Assembly, who is likely a goon and/or a buffoon.

To get people excited about creatures from the political jungle of Pakistan, you either have to have the imagination of Rudyard Kipling, or the sexual chemistry of Erica Campbell. Naila is blessed with both and that’s why we love her so.

Here you can just make out the faint outlines of her white bra cups. Just enough to send your occipital cortex into a twist. No amount of fancy geometric designs, or camouflage print on her kurta can conceal the generous proportions of her round, meaty tits. Even if she was devoid of style, beauty and substance, such magnificent orbs would have single-handedly carried the day. It’s just nicer to have it all.

There are few women who look equally sexy with their hair up, or down. Here Naila has chosen to pull her hair back into a ponytail. Without the distraction of the lustrous mane of hair framing her classic oval face, we are provided an opportunity to appreciate the finer features. Like the bright expressive eyes and full-bodied lips that traditionally play second fiddle to much larger, softer and curvier assets.

Here is an accompanying video from the same show:

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Atiqa Odho does not seem to be in any hurry to relinquish the mantle of the uber Pakistani MILF anytime soon. The following caps are from her new show on Geo TV, “A Conversation With Atiqa” that aired on October 16th, 2008. Here she is interviewing the Pakistani rock band Strings, or so it would seem. But it is actually a ploy for Atiqa to showcase her tantalizing beauty and amazing tits. And you will hardly hear a murmur of displeasure, or dissent out there in the heartland.

Atiqa’s hair is coiffed after the classic pinup hotties of the 50’s and 60’s. The Sophia Lorens, the Gina Lollobrigidas, and the Mae Wests.

Ladies who could rattle briefs and boxers late into their sunset years. Those big flashing eyes, large pouty lips, smooth unblemished skin of the cheek. All that and the nubile aura that she projects at her age is as rare and amazing as the legacy of those legendary sex symbols.

Notice when she crosses her hands, her elbows push her tits together to form a lovely, creamy cleavage. When her hands are at her sides, the pendulous tits fall into perfect tear-drop symmetry, held in check by a make-shift, flowery hammock that’s tied behind her neck.

The contrast in color between the solid black dress and the supportive flowery bib, serves to emphasize the size and shape of the forbidden fruit. Around her neck she is wearing a dangling pendant. It swings back and forth over the cleavage, shaped like a tiny male appendage, marking the spot.

Atiqa’s interviews are not meant to be hard-hitting numbers like Jasmin Manzoor’s (Pulse on Business Plus), or Saima Mohsin’s (Newseye on Dawn News). They are puff pieces, and not the kind with some pastry underneath, like Naeem Bukhari’s (Apna Andaaz on Hum TV).

It’s fluff and fawning, without much homework. Like, when she singled-out the band for being the first Pakistani band whose song had made it to the soundtrack of a major Hollywood blockbuster (Spiderman-2, 2004). Strings had to remind her that Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan had actually done that, ten years earlier (Natural Born Killers, 1994).

But really, who cares ?. There are enough fact-finding munshis with bad hairdos out there, madly polluting the air waves with vitriol. There is only one Atiqa Odho. She can sit there on a couch, wearing just a man’s shirt, top three buttons undone, painting her toenails and it’ll be a guaranteed hit show.

For Atiqa, the most paramount question for the band had little to do with the process of coming up with ideas for songs, melodies and compositions. It was about the band groupies. The single and often married women who follow the band around, calling them at home and making themselves ‘available’, away from home.

How has the band dealt with them ?. Do their wives mind all the attention ?. It sounded more like she was shopping for an audition, than looking for their position on the subject. The blushing band members, sputtering out the usual make-believe response, made their positions clear.

It would’ve been enough if Atiqa Odho was just another ravishing beauty. But she is that and an incredible actress. She may not like the band, care for their music, or been following their career. But with just enough empathy and faked sincerity, she seemed to care about them as people and they seemed satisfied with the attention.

And that’s why it works most of the time, because Atiqa steals the show. It rarely matters who her guest is. People tune in to see Atiqa, in all her finery. I bet if you took a poll, Atiqa would be more popular among guys (both young and old), than gals.

Here’s the much awaited video clip from the same show. Enjoy:

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Following are the caps of Naila Nadeem from her Iftar show on APNA Channel that aired on Sept. 23rd, 2008. These caps are pretty self-explanatory. The wide plunging neckline and the resulting cleavage, provides ample evidence of the amazing boobs that she’s blessed with. Naila is a regular on APNA channel. She is the host of their morning variety show, “Breakfast With Naila”, where she usually has somebody on from the filmi industry, then a beauty segment followed by a food segment. The usual stuff. But what is not usual, is Naila herself.

Naila the host, stands out among the herd, because of what she brings to the table. She is bright, funny, engaging, charming and asks pertinent questions of her guests. What we call, “keeping it real” on the street. To carry that out you need good sense and sensibility. Unlike most hosts, she is not primarily interested in building someone up, or tearing someone down. Rather, finding someone out. During the course of her interviews you learn that she is well-read and up-to-date on current affairs, besides what’s going down in the showbiz world.

By the time the show is over, Naila has got her guests to give up the goods. Given the quality of guests she gets, mostly second tier struggling showbiz personalities associated with Lollywood, it is a testament to her abilities, how she keeps the conversation flowing on the set, and the viewer interested at home. Many of her guests have gripes and regrets about the cards life has dealt them. Each time one of her guests tries to push the show, down the chute of despair, Naila manages to lift it up with her charm, humor and sunny personality.

Part of the charm, undeniably, is her raw sexuality. The promise of which gives rise to naaz, andaaz and nakhra in a girl. The fact that she’s blessed with the looks and curves to back it all up, is fortunate for her and welcomed by her admirers. But her adorable face, coquettish manner and charm all takes a back seat to her incredible tits. For many of her fans, they are the piece de resistance.

As you can see for yourself, she has large, firm, round tits that are bar none. And I say this, after having extensively scoured the net for a similar pair. Large tits out there are either gigantic, misshapen balloons, or sad ‘saggy’ sacks. The only set that comes close to size, shape and firmness belongs to NextDoorNikki. Coincidentally, she also bears some resemblance to Naila. Sisters ?. Hmm.

You can go far and wide, getting your kicks looking at tits, big and small, but few desis can hope to reproduce the same awe and affection they have come to associate with large, round, wheaty, meaty boobs. S. H. Manto tried to explain this phenomenon in one of his short stories, where he grows tired of the classy white tits of his wife in one go, and pines for the smooth, supple, tanned tits of a servant girl he had a tryst with earlier.

White is cold, unfinished and plain. Dark is warm, complete and mysterious. For us, it’s familiar, alive and throbbing under the touch. And that’s why we yearn for it.

Below are two clips from the same show. The first one is shorter, but up-close. Here Naila is trying to get her guest to sing for her.

The second one is a longer clip, from afar, in which Naila is trying to explain a psychological study which she read up on, concerning how we should discipline our kids.

There is more to come of Naila in the future. With her beauty, glamour and sensual charm, she warms the cockles of millions of hearts out there, One hopes that this vivacious beauty will keeps at it and continue to spread love in the hinterland.

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She is the mascot of this blog. The beautiful, the ravishing Natasha Hussain at the red carpet of the annual Spring Ball, sponsored by Telenor. She is being interviewed before she goes and cavorts with the crowd inside. There was a dance floor in the middle of this huge tent, where desi wannabees (dressed like the party Tom Cruise crashes, in the movie Eyes Wide Shut) tried to dance (self-consciously) and made everybody else feel icky and nauseous.

Natasha is wearing a clingy, metallic, spaghetti strap dress with a scoop neckline that gracefully exposes a fair bit of cleavage and traces her lovely contours. She appears to be wearing one of those transparent bras, with opaque cups.

Her tear-drop shaped tits lay lazily inside the generous confines of the dress. There was some bobble to the boob, indicating some, but not a great deal of constriction. That’s precisely what this dress demanded and this beauty provided.

If you look carefully (pics 006, 010), you can make out the cups and the faint hint of round, silver dollar sized areolae with nipples. The size, shape and location of her nipples appear similar to those of the Czech supermodel she most resembles, Paulina Porizkova. They are sublime, like the rest of her.

What separates Natty from other pretty and hard body models, is her grace and style. There are many who could wear this dress, but only she can carry it. Her body not only fills these dresses, but fulfills the promise associated with them.

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Following are the caps of the supermodel Neeha Ahmed, who is modeling the clothes designed by Sobia Nazir (who’s a hot little number in her own right). They were taken on 21st March, 2008 on FTV.

It is fairly obvious that Neeha is not wearing a bra for these particular pictures. Her tits remind me of Carmen Electra’s. Maybe because they are so round and perfect. Only Neeha’s tits look this great without having had a boob job! I don’t know exactly what Sobia had in mind, when she came up with these Somalian… wraps (?), but nevertheless, Neeha looks more appetizing than the KFC’s new wrap.

Neeha has lovely flaring hips that curve deliciously out from her tiny, toned waistline. The cute belly-button ring is quite a draw, surrounded by a sea of taut, smooth, dusky skin. Like those coffee commercials where they shoot the swirling coffee cup from above.

The cleavage in the fifth pic, where her shapely firm tits are pushed together and produced on a platter of black cotton, is more alluring than any piece of jewelry strung around her neck. Neeha is maha sexy and I am sure if given the opportunity, I am certain that we would see much more of this babe.

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An increasing number of Pakistani celebrities are now sporting tattoos and piercings. Just last night ( Friday, July 4th, 2008 ) in a drama “Yea Tu Hona Hee Tha”, Deepak Parwani (the famous designer, model and now actor) was laying asleep, supposedly nude in bed, with the bed sheet covering his strategic areas, when Tooba Ansari (supermodel/actor) walks into the room. He stirs and turns on his side and you see a large green tattoo covering his right bicep. Then of course you have Aminah Haq with her scandalous tattoo(s), Vaneeza Ahmed has one behind her left shoulder, Maleeha Naipauli has a tiny one on her left upper-arm. Have I missed any celebrity ?.

Rabia Butt is another one who had a visible tattoo on her right, upper arm. That is, until we caught her last night on FTV with a second tattoo, placed at a more private and strategic location. It’s located above the cleft of her butt cheeks (and btw, what a gorgeous bubble butt she has on her), at the small of her back. It looks like a moth, butterfly, or an octopus. I am not entirely sure. Perhaps Tantric yogis with sharp eyes could help us decide.

The dress has a plunging neckline and when she turns and pivots, you can down her dress; the entire length of her right boob lays exposed. The beauty of a boob can only be fairly judged when it’s not being helped by a bra. Here, Rabia’s tantalizing boobs are maintaining their perfect round form and firmness without any help. Not many supermodels out there can measure up to this standard. She is clearly sans bra and it’s highly unlikely that she’s wearing any panties with that dress cut so low in the back and the skin tight pants without visible panty lines. That’s an encouraging sign. International modeling frowns upon underwear that disturb the cut of the dress and cut into the sex appeal.

In the 90’s when thongs became famous, pornstars, strippers and anybody who chose to wear them in public —and little else— began to use this tiny real estate over the butt (that’s covered by the thong), to assert what they could, of their privacy. Hot babes put roses, butterflies, tiny quotes, barbed wires, crosses, their lover’s name and Japanese/Chinese symbols down there to bring them good luck and of course to keep, whoever is thrusting wildly behind them, entertained.

Some will go further, like Angelina Jolie, who’s had some interesting tattoos carved into her flesh, including her pubic area. Going to bed with someone like that for the first time would probably be, like Alice walking into the Wonderland. A surprise around every curve. Imagine taking off the pants and finding a little tattoo down there. I am sure Emily Post would consider it terribly rude, were you not to cover it in tiny, soft kisses at the first opportunity.

Here, Rabia Butt is displaying only part of her sexy tattoo and it’s enough to drive any hot-blooded man up the wall. If she was wearing low-riders, hip-huggers, a sari, a see-through choli, or even a thin lawn dress, you would be able to spot the tattoo, but perhaps not identify it. That’s khullam-khulla torture in my book. Like bra-less boobs under a silken dress. Maybe legal, but highly inflammatory. Not that I am complaining, mind you.

Here is Rabia Butt’s video clip. You can put it on loop, sit back and enjoy.

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