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She is the mascot of this blog. The beautiful, the ravishing Natasha Hussain at the red carpet of the annual Spring Ball, sponsored by Telenor. She is being interviewed before she goes and cavorts with the crowd inside. There was a dance floor in the middle of this huge tent, where desi wannabees (dressed like the party Tom Cruise crashes, in the movie Eyes Wide Shut) tried to dance (self-consciously) and made everybody else feel icky and nauseous.

Natasha is wearing a clingy, metallic, spaghetti strap dress with a scoop neckline that gracefully exposes a fair bit of cleavage and traces her lovely contours. She appears to be wearing one of those transparent bras, with opaque cups.

Her tear-drop shaped tits lay lazily inside the generous confines of the dress. There was some bobble to the boob, indicating some, but not a great deal of constriction. That’s precisely what this dress demanded and this beauty provided.

If you look carefully (pics 006, 010), you can make out the cups and the faint hint of round, silver dollar sized areolae with nipples. The size, shape and location of her nipples appear similar to those of the Czech supermodel she most resembles, Paulina Porizkova. They are sublime, like the rest of her.

What separates Natty from other pretty and hard body models, is her grace and style. There are many who could wear this dress, but only she can carry it. Her body not only fills these dresses, but fulfills the promise associated with them.

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Following are the caps of the supermodel Neeha Ahmed, who is modeling the clothes designed by Sobia Nazir (who’s a hot little number in her own right). They were taken on 21st March, 2008 on FTV.

It is fairly obvious that Neeha is not wearing a bra for these particular pictures. Her tits remind me of Carmen Electra’s. Maybe because they are so round and perfect. Only Neeha’s tits look this great without having had a boob job! I don’t know exactly what Sobia had in mind, when she came up with these Somalian… wraps (?), but nevertheless, Neeha looks more appetizing than the KFC’s new wrap.

Neeha has lovely flaring hips that curve deliciously out from her tiny, toned waistline. The cute belly-button ring is quite a draw, surrounded by a sea of taut, smooth, dusky skin. Like those coffee commercials where they shoot the swirling coffee cup from above.

The cleavage in the fifth pic, where her shapely firm tits are pushed together and produced on a platter of black cotton, is more alluring than any piece of jewelry strung around her neck. Neeha is maha sexy and I am sure if given the opportunity, I am certain that we would see much more of this babe.

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You can have the prettiest tits, but if the nipples aren’t out-standing, it’s just a large glob of flesh. Nipples are to tits, what faces are to bodies, what engines are to trains. They impart character, meaning and personality. There is no particular standard for nipples. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes and that’s what makes them interesting. Each is unique. But the ones that standout, standout. Like an American at a Japanese funeral.

I, myself, am partial towards big, rubbery, nubbins. The kind that can poke an eye out. That get hard with the gentle passing of a cool breeze, on a summer day. The kind you can shake hands with. The unrelenting, piercing tips that penetrate an under wire bra and a lawn kurta –to say hello.

But to each his own.

Here is Mehreen Raheel, one of the cutest new faces on the modeling circuit. She has just started appearing in some drama serials as well. She is so beautiful, she will give you a toothache. She is blessed with an amazing bod, but even more appealing is her fresh, sexy and adorable personality on-screen. Here she is featured on FTV, laying on the couch, after her big night out and she’s… nipping. It’s the sort of spaghetti strap, cocktail dress that does not really allow for a bra. Her nipples are centered, round and oh-so-perky. Just gorgeous, like the rest of her. Bon Appetit.

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These vidcaps are of Sassi Palejo, fresh after winning her seat in the last elections. She appeared on the Aap Kai Sath show on I-Plus TV on Wednesday, Match 26th, 2007. Sassi is one of the two sexy sindhi legislators in the PPP fold. The other, of course being Shazia Marri who caused quite a scandal in the Provincial Assembly last time around.

Sassi has not lead a sheltered life. She has been educated abroad and has traveled extensively all over the west. She confesses a love for beautiful things. In her spare time when she is not appearing on TV (which she has aplenty), she reads poetry and listens to folk music.

Sassi’s constituency is Thatta. I have visited Thatta. It’s a no-nothing place in the middle of nowhere. Nothing grows there, nothing goes on there and nobody in their right mind would go there, but for the Thatta Mosque. It’s that famous blue-n-white rustic structure that has 99 identical domes and it is said of it, that you lose count before you get to 99. The other thing about Thatta is rabri. It’s a thick, white gelatinous goo that tastes suspiciously like marshmallows. After one spoonful you are ready to give up on sweets for the foreseeable future.

Speaking of soft white things that taste sweet, check out Sassi’s tits above. Being a product of interior Sindh, she (bless her heart) has not bothered with a bra. Instead, she’s here wearing a shameez (a long cotton tanktop used to hide the shape of your tits and pokey nipples), undernath her thin, white translucent shirt. Her left tit is therefore just laying there, rolling about, as she gesticulates wildly with her hands.

Her tits are like large, soft, inviting pillows that were made to make a sleepy head lay down in restful sleep –before getting down to more sloppy business.

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