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What do you think of, when you think “Model” ?. Is it a tall girl with cascading curls of lush hair, angular features, generous proportions, beguiling curves and a confident and gregarious personality ?. Then Ursala is it.

She was the latest target of Fahad Sheikh. He is the imbecile with questionable skills to even hold a mic (notice how he continually invades her personal space). He has taken over from Ali Abbas as the host of “11 Number”. A show where he runs around town, making fun of people’s clothes and gets away with it because it’s a TV show.

Ursala is modeling at a classic car show in Tricon Village, Lahore. She is attired in a clingy chocolate camisole top, acid washed pencil blue jeans with matching brown accents around the waistline. She is wearing sexy brown suede leather stiletto boots with sharp 4″ steel heels and a matching brown leather handbag. Quite the style diva.

Triumph, the international lingerie company took out a survey recently (no, I am not on their mailing list) and it turns out that women in Britain have the largest boobs (DD is average over there). One of the things that stand out about Ursala (which apparently she too is well aware of), are her boobs.

More than her pretty face with the adorable smile, the slim waist flaring out into deliciously rounded hips, the shapely derrier and lovely skin… it’s those large, round, firm boobs. Not carnival size big. But just enough to suck the oxygen from the men around her. At a time when most of the new Pakistani talent (models and actresses) has barely any use for bras (sigh), this model from Lahore is keeping hope alive with her beautiful C-cups.

She is wearing a bra that gathers together and flatters. The figure-hugging camisole accentuates her bust and waistline, that lie in different time zones. The delicate lace on the v-neck is designed to draw attention towards the cleavage, while the curves therein help hold it there. As you can see, once locked-in, Fahad’s eyes have a hard time moving any place else.

Ursala is teased and taunted in the usual manner, but she manages to turn the tables on her interviewer, who cuts it short and allows her to leave. But not before slyly checking her out from behind his large brown shades.

Well, can’t really blame the guy. The girl is packing serious heat. Here, femininity is exploding in a wondrous symphony of curves and curls, swells and flows, soft and supple, light and hues, sweetness and sass all in one delightful package. One really doesn’t have the option to look away from such dazzling fireworks.

The icing on the cake, aside from the sexy and stylish Ursala, is her personality (yes, there! I said it). Beauty, undoubtedly draws attention. But if there is nobody home, it isn’t much fun hanging around. She is confident of her looks (which is a turn-on), is bright, engaging, witty and fun with the rare ability to make the best of any situation. Like dweebs with sweaty palms who want to sit in her lap, while she’s standing up.

Here is the accompanying video:

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Mona Lisa has done a number of plays. She is an accomplished dancer who does mujras (for supari and chalia makers) and discos (for PTV) on national holidays. She has gone to Europe and the US to spread our culture and heritage to the expats. Now some people say that she’s a real slut and they mean it, in a bad way. But I think if that’s true, it’s just great. If anything, we need more ‘sluts’ on TV. Not the big, fat, stupid Lollywood kind. But like her, who are smart, sexy, ambitious and confident of their abilities… whatever they may be. Since our society is in a transition, the stalwarts are running around pinning labels on free spirits like her.

Farrah Fawcett, the erstwhile pinup beauty and sometime actress said that, “Acting, is standing in front of an audience, naked, and turning… slowly”. Whatever that old slut meant, it makes sense to me. I bet our Mona Lisa could pull that off, without breaking a sweat.

Here she is, all covered up in the traditional shalwar kurta, but even then you cannot deny the curves on this beauty. Her tits are always standing proud. Either she wears a push-up bra, or they are filled with cement. She also has a deep throaty voice, the kind a girl gets if she has been chugging beer all night, or sucking and slobbering on something real long

She has a tiny waist and a real round and large Brazilian ass, which you can only appreciate when she’s wearing her spray-on jeans. I think I might have some vidcaps of that laying around somewhere. It’s from a current serial where she goes to the big city and gets corrupted by a hoe, played by another titanic titted Juggan Kazim, who else.

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